Wiring amp to 2 Atlas 15"


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Im trying to get the most out of my Audiobahn A8002T and I was wondering if I could wire 2 Atlas 15" to the same bridged terminal.

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Bump...(i want to find this out too)

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well the specs are:

2x400w rms 2ohm load
2x200w rms 4ohm load
1x800w rms 4ohm load
(this amps not compatable running bridged at 2ohm)

and the Ascend Audio atlas is:
300w rms 4ohm load

and both the subs(bridged) will be either 2ohm or 8ohm so i dont know man im sure alot of other guys out here can MAYBE CONSIDER A NEW AMP.. whats your price range?

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Those subs are single 4-ohm? If thats the case, you pretty much have only one option with that amp: wire each sub to its own channel. So you would only be getting 200w rms to each sub. In your case, I would suggest you sell that amp and get a nice mono amp that does 600w rms @ 2-ohms. Then wire your subs parallel(connect all postives to positive terminal on the amp, and all negatives to negative terminal on the amp), you will have a 2 ohm load.

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kicker kx600.1 would work perfectly. thats what im gonna use
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