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Atlas and avalanche subs5&aQuarter5
Some questions about q?mixneffect2
Ported or sealed???mixneffect3
Whats a good db readingmarshall white14
Should i go with a 15 AL 12 Al or 10 Ti with my jl 500/1 ?MO11
How much amp powerJoshua E Dexter2
Infintiy Kappa Joe Smoe5
Atlas 15MO2
Got my new avalanch 15MO24
Whats up with this whole thing being blank?Michael Cazayoux39
Does anyone know ANYTHING about Focal 5KX subs?? Please help me!Bryan D1
Add another to the list lolmarshall white9
How to hook up 2 amps with 4 subsPharoh6
How many ampsMO3
1 ohm loadGlassWolf2
Kicker L7 15'sean18
Using 8" subs as midwoofersOutPhase1
Is this True????marshall white4
Volfenhag sub reviewBrian H8
How to wire 2 dual 4 ohm subsAnonymous4
Focal speakersAlpineThumping3
The SPL world record!!AlpineThumping44
Bandpass sucks question thoAlpineThumping2
Building a box, 2 12' L7'sAlpineThumping2
2 Avalanche AlpineThumping7
How to tune a slot portJeff Loughrey2
Yippe it just arrivedAlpineThumping1
12w6v2 or 12w3v2Anonymous5
"boomy" base on new ported boxesJeff Loughrey7
12 XX.XJeff Loughrey2
Good sysytem?MO10
How do I know if I have a dual voice coil sub?Jeff Loughrey12
RE sub questionDavid Brunner6
Eclipse SW9152 Titanium Subwoofer 15" in sealed MDF box David Brunner12
Anybody tried porting their q-logic box?David Brunner4
Atlas for my TruckDavid Brunner3
What do you think......David Brunner9
Random questions and stuffDavid Brunner8
Lol helpDavid Brunner5
Would this do anything?David Brunner3
Kappas vs boston acousticsDavid Brunner9
170w rms amp...200w rms sub???David Brunner6
First SystemDavid Brunner12
2 Type R's Or 1 Type XDavid Brunner5
Will this help me with my enclosure?? dont run no stop hey come bac...mixneffect2
What to tune the box to?Bassless guy6
Anyone with a 4th gen MaximaMr_Kebo1
What are they?Subfanatic5
1" mdf woodKnacko10
What are some great matchups to the eD NINe.1 amp?Subfanatic12
Does eDead smell bad?D P W11
Whats your opinion on Audiobahn?Subfanatic27
Kicker amp for 18"x.x.x.Kenny23
Still shoppingJoe Smoe4
What SVC 2ohm Subs are available ?jzukow6
Tuning..Dustin Stock5
Custom BoxJeff Loughrey3
Cd player questionJeff Loughrey3
I need advice on wiring pleaseJeff Loughrey2
Helppppp me im so lost.Brandon3
2 ports OK?sean8
Port TubesFishy3
How do i wire a dual voice coil sub for 2 ohms???sean31
Hey subfanatic do you have msn messenger?Subfanatic2
Volfenhag sub reviewjesse logan capper11
Haha, this suckssean2
Abc Boxsean1
Rockford VS InfinityMr_Kebo5
Subwoofers outside of JL - around 500 rms subwooferMO32
Enclosure typemixneffect3
How much sound deadening do I need?Eric Sony4
Tuning boxesJeff Loughrey2
Elemental Deisgns 11kv.2Jeff Loughrey1
8ohm SVCJames Longo9
Subfanatic subfanatic subfanatic donny keen1
Wayyy off topic...Volvo 2NT3
Stupid idiotsmixneffect12
Port problemsDonald Byrum jr3
Box helpDonald Byrum jr3
Port ProblemBlair3
2005 scion Tcmo10
Stereo vs. Monotaylor178
Rate this system any suggestions are welcomemo39
W6 or W7Brandon4
Stress on an amplifierAlpineThumping7
Who owns a JL 10W7 ????MO30
Downfiring Subs??mixneffect4
Another one bites the dusttaylor175
Some subs that won a competition for SPLDj Excite3
Genuine Canadian AudioYeOlde1
JLw6v2 or RE: SE????????lilgator17
Polk Audio GNX124 vs. Lanzar MAX12Joe Bloggs5
Single 4 ohm sub?taylor176
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