Ported or sealed???


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My preference in music is harder more alternative hard rock or mild punk. not so much into rap. especially black rap or white rap. Anyway, does the enclosure make a difference for what style of music is played? I got a ported enclosure with my 12" 300W RMS sub and to me it doesnt sound right. In the box it says that a ported box makes it louder. Well I want as much kick as I can get and im not getting much, partly due to my weak amp as well, but which would have more kick, ported or seled?

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sealed..ported give u the boom boom that u can hear from comin down the road...sealed if u want more kickish bass

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A closed box for example, will produce a cutoff frequency of say 50 hz.

Now the same driver in a tuned ported box will produce down to 40 Hz including a 3 dB gain at the tuned frequency.

Therefore, a ported box will give you extended bass, down a few notes, and also make it louder at the tuning frequency only.

The ported box will not be considerably louder than a sealed box, as in the difference between your volume dial of say 2 out 7 compared to 7 out of seven. 2 being barely audible and 7 being maxed out.

Dont expect a gigantic increse in volume. Its just an improvement, not a collasal gain.
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