"boomy" base on new ported boxes


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Say, I just built a ported box with two Rockford Fosgate 10" subs and the sound is a little too "boomy" or "lazy" for my taste.

Can I give it a "tighter" sound without building new boxes?
Will cutting the port to a shorter length give me a crisper sound?

The specs are on the money according to RF's documents so it's more of a listener preference.

Thanks for any info.

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you can completely cover the port. seal it up with like a piece of wood with caulk and if you dont like it just take it off. and do you any deadner in the box , you can just use pillow stuffing.

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Just wondering...but what is that box tuned to?

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Whelp, the box is based off of Rockford's specs.
I am not too familiar as to what all the numbers mean, but here is how the speakers are built.

1 cu ft
3" port at 13.25 inches long

Here are the #'s on the documents
FB = 35Hz
FS = 27Hz
QTS = .49
VAS = 2.66cu ft

I don't want to rebuild the box, so I was hoping to modify this design to give me a better sound.

Say Mike5211, I thought about covering the port to make it a sealed box but the enclosure would be almost twice the size needed.
For ported = 1 cu ft
for sealed - .65 cu ft
I may have to try it anyways to see what I can get.


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I would just try it no harm could be done and get the sound deadner. You never know could sound great even if it is to big.

do you have a low pass filter on your amp it should be set I think 27 or lower if can even go that low because your problem may also be that your speaker is putting out higher frequencies then your box is made for.

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I have a banpass box and i pluged the ports and took the center cover off. It hit so much harder.

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bandpass = Yuck

exception = orion 2nt....
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