What SVC 2ohm Subs are available ?


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I was wondering what brands make these. The only one I've found so far was a JBL GT01020.
What others are there ?

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preatty much any company but svc's are low end

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at 2 ohm ? can you name some brands/models ?
I can find plenty 4 & 8 ohm SVC's but not really any 2 ohm.
The reason being, I had a 4 ohm DVC Eclipse sub, that burnt up within a couple months. It always smelled like burning electronics.
I had the voice coils wired in parallel.
I'm running a mono sub amp, which puts out its max @ 2ohm.
so a SVC 2 ohm sub, would defeat the hassle of a dual voice coil, since i'm using a mono amp.

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hastle...you mean running one more wire? just get a DVC 4ohm...

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not the fact it was a hassle, but i just had bad experience with doing that. maybe it was a crappy speaker. but it definitely smelled like it was burning up. It hit hard, but only for a few months. The shop wouldn't take it back. I set up the wires inside the box, in a "Y" shape, I couldn't run from + to +, since i was using some heavy guage cable, and if doubled up, it wouldn't fit in the terminals, so i spliced the wire coming in adding a 2nd wire to the other VC's + and -. Was that on ok way to do it ? It was an Eclipse 10" rated at 150w RMS, and I was running a Punch 200a @ 200rms 2ohms. Someone told me that was ok to run a higher powered amp, if you turn the gain down. So I should go with another DVC ? anything simliar to a JL W3 ? but less expensive ? I was thinking Memphis. What would be a good match for a 200watt RMS Amp ?

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What RMS rating on a DVC 4ohm speaker should i look for, if running 200 watts @ 2 ohms ?
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