Stress on an amplifier


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Okay, im ordering my power acoustik amp only question is this
if i run these @ 2ohms a piece for a combined wattage of 280rms x2 channels...will this put a lot of stress on the amplifier.
The amp is 2 ohms stereo stable...but i mean will this like ruin the amp quicker or does 20hms stereo mean that its built for that??

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it means it was built for that. You could run it lower, and that would cause stress, but if it says its 2ohm stable, it will run fine.

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dude dont order that amp! 280x2 is more like 100x2 if that! give us your budget and we will find you a better amp.

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Don't waste your money when you have so many other options out there.

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haha...hmm, maybe i will wait then
i had heard good things about them from the reviews i'd read and stuff
well budget is 200 dollars or around that
i'm running (2) V-max dvc 4ohms
lemme know what u guys got for ideas

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try to find an older jbl bp600.1 u should be able to get it for under 200 on ebay since i just bought a jbl 1200.1 for 228. the 600 is rated for 600watts rms at 2 ohms and 1 ohm but i can tell u from personnal experience it is closer to 800 possibly more seeing how it pulled 80 amps with a true rms meter stuck on the power and gnd terminals at the amp and was getting 13.7 volts. lets see here 80*13.7=1096 :-). cant tell u about the 1200 yet but it will im hoping it works just as well as the 600 did to push my 2 avalanche 15s. thats why i ran 2 gauge to the amp and am gonna order a 170 amp alternator :-)

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just happens to be 2 being sold right now here is 1 of them %26
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