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Whats the best subwoofer?Mark S2
Civic Hatch backzzcivic1
I need help!lucas beckner15
JL audio questions W7Jake Davis9
Resonant engineering RE 8" SUBAnonymous1
JL QuestionsBob Boinkder1
6th order bandpassGlassWolf6
Box QuestionChad Agostinelli6
Another Quick Q about my boxMike52117
Net volume of enclosure...Please help!An AUDIOBAHN Fan7
New SystemJeremyC6
What to getJeremyC3
Amp for 2 Wo's?JeremyC2
Small sized single ported sub enclosuresAlexander1
How would these compare?Anonymous1
Need help, desperatelyJeff Loughrey2
Glass or John or any other shiva userREDSKIN2
What do you think about this setupDevon1
I've never had a baffle explained to me....REDSKIN2
What Jl Audio amp configuration could I use for 2 12" W3v2's Dan K2
Audiobahn vs. mtxStan Wojtalewicz22
Soundstream vs Diamond Audio?Steven1
Enclosure help!!!!Stan Wojtalewicz6
What subs would go best with my amp?avenger97Es1
Audiobahn?Tom Wagner6
Rockford fosgate or infinityJoe Smoe3
1000 RMS sub....amp question...?Hunter Warren22
Dry Cell BatteryAn AUDIOBAHN Fan5
Are infinity's good?Pharoh5
Am I Dumb or are they?Pharoh5
Mtx infiniti kicker or audiobahn?Pharoh6
Can my amp. handle it???????ThatGuyYouKnow3
Sitting around thinking...ThatGuyYouKnow12
Sub MagnetsGlenCox3
What else compares or out performsStan Wojtalewicz22
Treo Engineering or MMATSmatt8
Can i fit ti in jl box ?morphine3
Gauge wire?Mark S4
Why the sudden $ drop on Kicker Solo Baric L5's?uriel castillo2
Does any one think this is a good match between subs and ampsAnonymous5
Hey I Need HelpJoe Smoe5
Best amp for SHIVASAnonymous12
What do you guys think of the Alpine Type X?Stan Wojtalewicz3
Question Please help!!!!Donald Byrum jr3
12" Alpine Type-R for salexxmdfmkxx2
JL audio questions W7Jonathan2
Question about an ampbasslova1
JL W6xxmdfmkxx1
JL Audio, Which W7?JeremyC3
Dual sealed boxlucas beckner6
Sound deadner..killer1
Bassworx boxes???Anonymous1
Shiva BoxAnonymous1
LOL gotta read thisNick Hard Leptinberg11
Wiring subsAnonymous1
6 200 watt subs and 1200.1 amp in series or parrell?CHI TOWN GUY5
Could someone clarify?Anonymous3
Same old questions and One new oneMazdaMan5
10in vs 12inJohn Donner24
What a good cheap brand?tips6
Anyone ever used 10" Punch HX2 Subs?kenny eugene hammond2
Bandpass boxGlassWolf4
Diamond Audio CM3 or Image Dynamics IDQPaul1
Help, building a boxJeff Loughrey2
Regular cab truck, sub adviceblakktalon1
Very low soft 'thunder' bass..?Craig's brother.10
Can't believe what this guy told meFreq. Out.9
Amp question?JB2
Sub box for truckAnonymous3
Component systemsGlassWolf2
Niche audio subs?JB4
Subs in an extended cab Chevy truck.taylor1712
RE 25xxx or RE 38se?taylor176
Two 12" subs or One 15"xxmdfmkxx25
Transmission lines Jonathan2
JL audioJonathan4
Minimum Wattage amp for a 12" subJames Longo2
Computer Sub in TruckHunter Warren4
Type r trunk vibration = annoying!Hunter Warren2
What sub is better, cerwin vega Vmax, polk db series, or alpine tyr...Michael Lee5
Power distro question...Hunter Warren2
PowerAcoustic any good?Hunter Warren3
Soundstream productsPharoh4
Underpowering a sub?Joe Smoe4
Need Help Completing My SystemStan Wojtalewicz5
This Girl is hot!!!!.......Stan Wojtalewicz6
Diamond audio??Mike52113
Internal volume for ported boxREDSKIN2
Which would be better deal?Hunter Warren6
Orion Cobalt CS12D or Type E?Rob31512
Low bassBrett Fosdick3
Planet Audiojigga6666
Best 12" subs for MRP-M350Joe Smoe16
13W7 can reach 140 in a sealed box right? yes or no is fine thxtaylor176
Curious to know....Jonathan7
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