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Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about any of planet audio's subwoofers or amplifiers?

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its made by boss. but its descent stuff all around. there will probably be a bunch of people telling you otherwise but i have known a few people who have ran it and i cant remember even 1 problem they had with them.(amps anyways). but either way they arent bad but if you have options i wouldnt go with planet audio. there is something better for around the same prices. throw out your idea and what your wondering and maybe we can get a little more specific for you.

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A buddy of mine is running a PA amp to run two subs. Sounds good and crisp, but does not hit the low-low's too well. The Kenwood amp he had them on before put out a better low-freq response.


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i have planet audio, but not for much longer. they are better then crappy a** sony but still not that great. dont mess with their componet systems. they sound nice but they have a built in circuit that causes them to cut out to keep them from over heating. i hated that , i could never bump my system with out the tweeters cutting out. they sounded nice but would always cut out every time i turned my system up. i believe their amps are over rated. i dont believe they put real numbers on their amps. lots of better alternatives

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Basically, if you have the money to spend on some quality stuff, don't be buying Planet Audio :-) If you can afford a $200-300 sub plus amp, be looking at quality stuff. Remember that RMS numbers aren't everything. Some subwoofer rated at 3000W from Planet Audio probably isn't going to run anywhere near 3000W. You pay what you get for.

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lol..."you pay what you get for"..haha too funny.
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