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Hi, I am looking at buying 2 cheap 15" subs and I need your opinion on them...
There is 2 series of the subs, one is slightly better but doesn't cost much more...

They are both 300 watts RMS but the cheaper one has a magnet that is 50 oz and the other one has a magnet that is 110 oz. The more expensive sub is made out of slightly better materials but I want to know if having the bigger magnet is going to give the subs much better performance or not?

Also what kind of box do you recommend to put these in?


What are the subs? It would really depend on if the subs are really similar, or you just think they are and if the 50oz magnet does the job.
There are companies that slap larger magnets on just for looks.

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Hi, the are Miami Soundworx subs, they are for sale on a New Zealand website which is like ebay.
They are made in USA, the only differences are the magnet and the cone of the sub looks more sturdy and made out of better materials on the slightly more expensive ones.

Have you ever heard of that brand? What benefits would having a bigger magnet have on the sub?
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