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VolfenhagBryce Mitchell1
Subwoofer sugggestionslucas beckner3
Power acoustik FUBR -12sHunter Warren1
1500 watt amp suggestionsRDS112
Hiding SubsAaron5
Orion H2 vs. BrahmaRyan David Spoelker1
15" Kicker Impulse??Anonymous5
1500 watt amp suggestionscavi9546
Holy lord batman!GlassWolf3
Car Swap...Steven12
How to get all the car audio you want for low prices Jonathan4
Amp not turning on...y???help please!!!lucas beckner13
Paint job on my box...Nick7
Sub pops BlownRiv16
How is the JVC CSWG1200???dontknow1
Good SQ subszacdavis~7
Opinions on Super-SubsJonathan5
What does front components consist off?Pat Lorenz4
Pre-drilling holes in boxPat Lorenz2
Techno SongsBlownRiv2
Loud rattle problemlucas beckner4
Where can I a website with a lot of sub boxes?Elecgenius2
Dudes, there is no way!! Listen.Slap Johnson16
How would i know my db in my car?GlassWolf6
System for friend.taylor2
Advice needed by experts (Glasswolf/Jonathan) sub enclosureJohn Gawrysiak7
Kicker L7 or JL Audio 12w6v2 better sq??Jonathan7
Rockford systemhiphopanonymous2
RMS Ratings??its_bacon125
What box for my 12" P3'salex steven polk1
Starting almost completely from scratch...sryJonathan36
Plexiglass Enclosures?Jonathan15
What do you think about the 8122 model 12 inch Eclipse?Jonathan19
Whats the difference?BlownRiv6
PrintsGreg Trumpower1
What size box and amp for 4 10" mtx woofers?j brower8
DID I waste my money??????Nick7
Hey are these subs good?Jeffrey D5
Run 3 ohm subwoofer with "4 ohm stable" ampBlownRiv2
12" adire brahma or 12" jl w7Michael Anthes3
Opinions Needed...Chris Jones8
$2000 budget for Explorersean11
Two 10's or one 15?sean4
JL Audio 12w6v2sean4
Need Help geting more then just bass threw subsBlownRiv3
JL or AudiobahnJonathan55
Got my new Kicker system!lucas beckner7
JBL 1200.1Steven4
MTX T688 xxmdfmkxx1
Sub boxesGlassWolf3
Would 2 amps mean i need a better battery?GlassWolf2
Newbie starting with a questiondaniel bloomfield1
Problem with my Infinity Basslink. HELPmonkeymann4
ALPINE-CDA-9831R headunit paddy1
RE vs. H2its_bacon124
Can a Shiva Compare to 2 12w3v2.......Prajesh Prajapti3
Question about idmaxDave1
3 10s or 2 15s?Dave2
What are the best 6x9's?Nick12
Box almost completedDamien Roberts2
Do I Need A Bigger Alternator....Damien Roberts6
Mtx 421 d any good?GlassWolf3
Help Picking one 12 for MustangGlassWolf10
Are those any good?koz4
anybody know about ARC subsSlap Johnson6
Need help Herezacdavis~6
What about mtx subs?GlassWolf7
Is this pack any good?GlassWolf2
Final thoughts on system blare holz4
Possible overkillGlassWolf3
Good News! System almost complete!Steven5
Surface area effects spl? or not?GlassWolf6
Odd sized sealed boxes okay?BlownRiv7
How to read specsGlassWolf3
Panasonic h-uJeffrey D8
Kicker vs Rockford FosgateBlowRiv12
HO alternatortafkam5
Box Building Info...koz3
Imput please koz5
Subs face in or face out?koz2
Best subs for limited space(sealed box)angel duarte1
Weird boxjeremie boop6
How do i convince my dad to let me get subsDamien Roberts26
Trans AmGlassWolf26
Orion H2 12.4 Competition 12" SubwooferGlassWolf5
Sub suggestions please for 50's classic carGlassWolf14
Help confused!!!Damien Roberts5
Sub and amp wiringDamien Roberts2
Fuses getting blown...why?Damien Roberts2
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