Odd sized sealed boxes okay?


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Hey guys,

So, what I've settled on is bridging my Infinity Perfect 12 QV to my Kenwood KAC-7201 for an output of 460W RMS.

What I'm wondering about is the box.

Due to space requirements I'm going to build a custom fiberglas box in the back corner of my 2004 Toyota RAV4.

In the corner I'll be using, there are already two storage compartments with covers on them. In order to save space, and maximize box volume without having the box protrude too much, I would like to build the box so that it fits into those compartments.

In rough terms, the outside edges of the sub box would be triangular (to fit over the molding over wheel well), the front would be flat, and the back would be flat with the exception of the two peices that jut out to fit into the compartments with their covers off. One of them is rectangular and has a volume of about .25 cubic feet, and the other one is triangular and has a volume of about .15 cubic feet. This means the the rest of the volume of the box, including the volume displaced by the sub needs to be about .70 cubic feet for a 1 cubic foot box.

The size of the rectangular out-jut is such that I should be able to recess the back of the sub into it, or at least put it very close to it.

The triangular, and smaller out-jut is simply to offer additional volume.

From the front, with no front panel on it, it'll look like this:
| ___ |
| |___| |
\ |
\ _ |
\ \| |

From the side, it'll look like this:
|\__ |__
| __| |
|/ __|
| |__
| __|

Will the odd shape of this box affect SQ or SPL significantly, or will it harm my sub?

I know the space savings with this design seem minimal, but it'll make a big difference in how I'm able to justify it to my wife! ;-)

...sheeit, I can't seem to get my diagram to show properly so hopefully y'all know what I'm tryin to say here!

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irregular shaped enclosures work just fine. as long as you build everything solid with no leaks, and as long as you calculate the internal volumes correctly, it'll sound very good.

i have a sealed enlosure that has angled walls and conforms to the car to save space. it sounds great. here's a pic:


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sorry, i guess i can't post a pic here.


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you got to go to upload pic before you post the response...There is a size limit too but i cant remember what jon said it was.

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my pics are already hosted. i just want to make the pic appear by inserting the link with html. does this board support any type of code?

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yes it dose..if you have the automatically activeate urls in message option selected

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let's try it again:

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