How would i know my db in my car?


hi people i got a 500 watt amp and 1 15" kicker in a bandpass box, the amp sounds like it is 800 watts when i put the volume half way up the bass is so heavy that my ear drums seem like some1 is putting a q-tip too deep in my ear.

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you can buy a dB meter at radio shack, and wear ear protection when doing extreme SPL testing.

how do i hook up th db meter?, do i hook it up to my amp?

what is the db that can make a person deff or something like that?

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the dB meter i'm talking about is a cheaper hand-held unit ($60 or so). you just hold it in your hand and it reads the level from a built-in mic. i have no idea how high it reads. now that i think about it, it may not be the best for really loud SPL. check before you buy.

there is no established dB level that just makes you go deaf. it is based on frequency and exposure time as well as SPL. quick bursts of high SPL (140dB+), like shotgun blasts, are not usually harmful if you're only exposed for one or two shots, but using a vacuum cleaner (85dB) can cause damage if you are around it for several hours. it really depends on a lot of different factors.

audio frequency matters, too. a 2kHz midrange sound at 100dB can be very uncomfortable, while a 60Hz bass note at 120dB can sound pleasing. this is because our ear becomes less sensitive in the lower frequencies.

a good indicator of hearing loss is "ringing" in the ears after you've been exposed. this means temporary hearing loss has occurred, but it usually goes away. however, if you over do it, or experience ringing on a regular basis, you could loose some of your hearing over time. to be safe, i'd turn it down at the first sign of discomfort, or if you're listening for hours at a time it would be smart not to crank it for the entire duration.

IMO, extreme SPLs (over 140dB) are not safe at any frequency for any length of time. there is a certain threshold where your eardrums will simply rupture, and this is possible with very loud bass. i would imagine you'd experience some serious pain before getting to this point.

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the radio shack SPL meter only reads to 120dB.
if you want to measure a car you want a meter that reads at least 160dB peak, so you're looking at paying a shop to meter your car, or spending $400 for an Audiocontrol SPL-160 meter for personal use.
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