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Between the RE Triple X and the Orion H2, which do you think would be better spl/sq wise? Also, does anyone know the ballpark price with these subs? Looking for a single 15" that would be optimal in a ported box.

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of course the X-x-X would be better for spl/sq in my view. In the right setup orions would hit mid 140's and up, and they have good sq doing it. But the re in the right setup the 15 alone would be able to hit 150+ in the right setup but for the re sub got with the 12" if you are lookin spl and sq becasue the 15" looses alot of sq. THe ballpark for the 15" h2 is like 350 shipped on ebay, but however the re X-x-X is like 405 shipped for the 12" but the 15" is like 40-50 dollars more. Oh yea and the orions require way less space to perform at peak performance. And the would need atleat 750watt rms and the re is like 1000watt rms and a huge box

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hands down the triple X would destroy any RF sub you toss at it

the triple X in a 3.3 cF vented tuned to 28-30 Hz would be optimal

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you dont need much more than 600w rms on the triple X in a box like the one above, and even the 15" will have good SQ and lots of SPL
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