Run 3 ohm subwoofer with "4 ohm stable" amp


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Here is how I plan to wire my PPI PC650 (6x50rms at 4 Ohms).

Channel 1 and 2, Bridged: Left Speaker, 4 Ohm load(Dynaudio MKII)
Channel 3 and 4, Bridged: Right Speaker, 4 Ohm load(Dynaudio MKII)
Channel 5 and 6, Bridged: Subwoofer, 3 Ohm load(single JL Audio 8W7)

The problem is that the amp is 4 ohm stable when bridged. Will I have problems with the sub? I could unbridge the amp but then I would only be putting in 50watts. I will not run this SQ system very loud.

Any help would be appreciated.

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if it were me, i'd try it. i doubt you will hurt anything.

most amps have a thermal sensor or current limiting/protection circuitry built-in. you'll know there's a problem if your amp clicks off because A) it's too hot, or B) because it senses too much current is being drawn. if it turns out to be heat that's causing the problem, you can sometimes make the amp "more stable" by cooling it with fans.

good luck. looks like a nice set-up, BTW.
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