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Port question...any help is appreciatedjci43
If i attatch a sub on to my rear 6x9.........koz8
Need help decidingbrian smith5
Howell Davis intrested in your setup sean3
Eclipse Titanium Pro, glass?Jonathan7
SUV Cargo Area Placement?Pat Lorenz3
Cheap place for amp wiring kit erik8
Frequency responseGlassWolf3
Sensitivity ratingGlassWolf9
Complete Kicker SystemGlassWolf2
W6v2 vs. Aluminum GlassWolf6
I need help with frequency responseGlassWolf3
Brahma Extreme???Jonathan8
Kicker amps? any good?Jonathan2
Kicker 12" comp vrs or shivasJonathan3
Please help! -port problemJonathan2
Kicker Solobaric 12's L'5, or two Alpine 12's Type R's...Anonymous4
Experience or heard about audiofonics?Juggalo Jeff3
AMP CRAPPING OUT!! Fishy/JonathanDamien Roberts6
RE audio questionJonathan6
Wanta bigger enclosure...Help Please!!!Michael Anthes1
Kicker and sonymatt772
What is this combo like? -kicker 15" L7 with Kicker 800.2Michael Anthes3
HOLY $HIT!!!Jonathan15
Tuning question, glass, jonathan?Steven11
Need Help choosing a Box for an EclipseJonathan2
Custom sub enclosersfred derf1
Will this ported box work ok with my sub?Anonymous7
Changing port tune via polyfillsean5
Proper sub(s) for the subwoofer channel of VGA800.5Scott Wegert2
Eclipse AluminumJonathan8
Got a 12w6v2, what to do for a box??Jonathan16
Are automobile subs any goodOrlandoThomas2
Making Fiberglass BoxesGlassWolf2
Solo X 18Jayson8
Diamond cm3 or rockford hx2?Anonymous1
What is rockford's web site?Suicide-Shifter2
Perfect box for fastback. bandpass, ported, etcJonathan4
My Brahma 10 is doin something thats REALLY messed up!!! HELP!!!Jonathan15
How to find the loudest sub...alex isbell1
IDmax 12" w/ a JBL BP1200.1? will this do???Jonathan3
Box Questionantnice2
One questionFishy15
Beginner system....S. Singh1
Please help...thanx in advancedTroy Huynh1
Dvc svc 2ohms 4ohms equal same spl????Alias1
Bridging my amp for subs. May be a dumb question, but oh well.Steven12
Question for jlbassfan1
Polyfill in slot ported boxaaron miiller4
Kicker subwoofersDave Musser1
Im On A Cheap Sub HuntDavid Washington15
Eclipse AluminumBushiki Balls1
Have a complete system, still hungry for more,epicenter or notElecgenius14
Online car audio stores...Napalm3
Voice coils?Jonathan4
Building a sub box and will getting a second 12 make a difference?GlassWolf2
Realmofexcursion got some serious sjjitcoola10
Sub wiring dilema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jack Death36
MMats P2.5 w/ RF 800.2jeremie boop4
Sub AmpFishy5
!!!!!expert help please!!!!! id appreciate it (jonathan- maybe u cu...Jonathan13
B & K they read SPL accurratly???Fishy5
What Amp should i NEED !!!!!!! HELP PLEASEOettinger5
Rockford P3 12" or Alpine Type-R 12"Ryanjorunner11
12'' rockford hx2 matched with p3001 mono ampBraddon Calloway1
Gonna' shoot my car if I can't fix this!!!frak12
Maxx bass vs. epicenterElecgenius1
Amp and sub wiring and wattsJoe Smoe2
OhmsBushiki Balls4
New RE Sub?Slap Johnson3
Audiobahn subs catch on fireelecgenius25
Phoenix Gold X12D4 Xenon V.S. Audiobahn aw1206TELECGENIUS11
Why are w3's more efficient than w6's?ELECGENIUS3
How much louder would 4 10s be vs 2 12staylor4
Down fire boxtaylor1
Help powering a X.X.X!!GlassWolf5
New RE Sub?kirun1
Brahma 10" makes tapping sound???HELP!!!GlassWolf2
Where can i buy these subs?alex isbell5
I need major helptaylor5
15" vs. 12"GlassWolf3
Need help with frequency thankstaylor10
Dual 12 inch subs questionGlassWolf3
What Amp should i buy for this SUBS!!!sean6
Help Plz!Steven7
Crossfire subsdrunken sloth3
Kicker Solo Baric L7 subs..Jonathan15
Kenwood db plus subsSlap Johnson5
What subs of today can beat jlw3v2David Washington5
JL Audio 12W3v2-D6Anonymous1
Anybody know anything about basic electronic setup of TV's?Anonymous6
JL subs questionAnonymous22
Help with 2 JL w6v2rob krueger2
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