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Damien Rob.
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Hey its Damien, man everything was going great until my recent problem. I think its the amp but im not sure so hear this out. I'm listening to music at about 43% volume perfect bass and all of a sudden the amp stops pushing power to the subs. It does this randomly there is no specific part of any song that does it, its fully sparatic. Alternator is puting out 14.2 volts and no wires are loose. Then if I continue to listen maybe a min later the subs will begin to pound again... I dont understand what is going on. I played with the low pass filter etc all to no effect. I think that because it was a cheap amp ($140 2 channel Power Acoustik) I got screwed, let me know what you guys think. What amp would you reccomend for two 350 RMS 12" DVC 1,000 Watt Peak Alpine Type Rs under 350$? Another thing I have thought of is maybe the amp cant handle a 2 ohm mono stable load, but then why would it work sometimes and just crap out?

try a new ground, maybe the one your using now is not solid. its prolly that or your amp is the problem...maybe the channels are freakin out or something internal like that.

as for a new amp:
JBL bp600.1
hifonics 1000D
Kx600.1 (if they at dvc 2ohm)

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it might be over heating and cutting off.

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Probably thermal protection like Johnny said. Make sure your gain is set properly as well.

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had the same thing happen to me. Ended up being the ground as anon. said but could also be like johnny and jonathan said. check em both out.

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Hmm heat is sounding like a logical answer... Now that I think of it the thing F00ks up 85% more during the day then at night. Night here in NY this time of year gets down into the upper 30's lower 40's, so maybe its cold enough to keep the amp cool? So I guess its time for me to get a new amp eh? Out of these two amps: hifonics 1000D or a
Kx600.1 what one is better? Also if the amp puts out 600 RMS mono and my DVC sub's coils are wired in series then in parallel to the amp for a 2 ohm load each coil would recieve 150 RMS from the amp correct?

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