B & K mics...do they read SPL accurratly???


i went to a shop in town and they had a B&K mic that they use to do SPL tests. they "said" it cost them like $7000. does this sound like a total LIE, or is it true???

is this a good mic, or is it a cheap piece of crap? will it read SPL accuratly?

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im guessing it must be, i went to a shop the other day and its what they used to test the world record in 2002, maybe jon can tell ya

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if you went to a shop that had a b&k then it was michael jones shop, he is an owner of 1 of the only two b&k mics that exist. all "world" records are only on the other b&k mic.
so can you see how micheal jones has an advantage in testing, he's the only competitor that really knows knows what # he's gonna do at an event,(plus he is just one bad mofo, current record holder 174 legal, with DD subs and crossfire amps in a caravan)
also, b&k's are used ONLY for setting world records, all season shows, regional, and finals events use the Termlab mic, it is the most consistent. it is a sensor rather than a mic. sound pressure sensors are not as likley to be affected by barr.pressure or humidity, but mics, like audio control,(which have moving diaphrams) will be affected resulting in a few db fluxuation, thats bad. did i spell fluxuation right, cause that don't look right :-)

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oh ya, duh, i forgot the original question, no the B&K is not as consistent as the Termlab, so the answer is no, its not accurate (in comparison to a sensor). remember, the B&K is a mic, (like the audio control)

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I thought a microphone was a sensor. Whats the difference? Does one use a moving coil transducer and the other a piezoelectric crystal? or is one a condenser mic.

I've got a lil acoustics background and am interested in understanding the difference.

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