Howell Davis intrested in your setup


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hey i rememebered you from a few months ago i was wondering if you did the polyfill or the baffle idea i gave you for the set up and what gains if any you had

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sean,i did the polyfill right before the contest and i could hear the difference in the sound,not sure what the db was before poltfill but hit 159.6 at the working on getting pics up and ready ,dont have any of completed work, just in progress, getting new pics developed tommorow and will send you the link so you can see the finished pics, its awesome and thanks for advice the bass hits so much cleaner with the polyfill than it did before,my windsheild flexs about a half an inch and its hard to sit in the car,cant breath when bass hits hard and cant focuse on anything,me and everyone else was really impressed with the way it sounds and the looks of it

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try it with the baffle next you might see a 3 db gain and make temporary mounting spots if you can also after trying the board straight to excite the air in the box to create more spl then try them at an angle who knows might create even more spl that way but as always with test proceed with caution the straight method is the only way i know to be used successfully the board will also slightly reduce box volume raising the port tune a little (im glad i helped with the input)
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