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AudioBahn AWP312T subs?taylor1712
Which sub?matt ross4
Does Memphis Audio make good subs?zacdavis~3
System completionJeffrey D2
Expert question....Jeffrey D1
Question on adire shivaREDSKIN3
BandPass Help Plz???REDSKIN6
Adire brahma 12sMazdaMan2
Stupid questionSteven2
Adire brahma 12Dave2
RF or CV HELP!!S. Singh4
I am totally new at all of this car audio stuff and need some helpAnonymous6
Can Any Ne 1 Help Me out plzbass lova1
Glasswolf n gangzacdavis~1
People who bought adire brahma'sJonathan3
Best SQ vehiclesJonathan2
Kicker KX1200.1 Vs. Rockford T1000bdJonathan6
Cerwin vegaAnonymous1
Need help wich subs? for kicker kx800.2 ampJonathan4
TweetersJoe Smoe4
I need help for buying a new systemJames Jeffery Dunn4
Ported box position..Joe Smoe6
Which is the better sub?tyson hunt3
Please some help with adire shivaskoz2
Hey Jonathan..koz2
SQ subsAnonymous7
12" vs 15"Paul St. Amant1
Need a subwoofer optionAudionoob133
Can i fit a 15'' in my car??Jeffrey D3
Adire Brahma & RF Punch 800a2 make a good mix?Jonathan9
Which would actually have better spl, svc or dvc?asdf2
Power Acoustik FUBR Series 10" SubsPaul Hogsten3
Would I be happy with a single V-max 12"?Nick3
Info on subsJeffrey D3
Bridge wiringmarley2893
Sub box questionsBigjay1
Type of box?koz3
S.O.S. Best 12" under $250matt772
Tuning 3 cu. ft. box for max SPL???sean4
Slotted BoxesBryan B3
Kicker KX1200.1 Vs. Rockford T1000bdAlex Kintis2
Your no-limit system, where money is no issueJonathan5
Noob questionAlex Kintis7
Is bigger always better?ryan c.8
Cerwin Vega vs. Adire Shivanick10
1 V-Max 12" or 2 Kicker Comps 10" Steven2
Help with hooking my stuff up.Josh Logan3
I need some new subs. For SPL.Steven27
1 ohm amp?Anonymous4
Best online car audio storeryan c.5
Wiring Help!!! Jonathonhiphopanonymous2
¤¤question about an amp¤¤Pat Lorenz2
HELP!! Bridge wiring needed fast!marvin2891
Help fill in the blanks on new and improved systemerik5
Need Help for choosing an Amperik2
Subwoofer opinionsAnonymous3
Subwoofer enclosurezacdavis~2
Let me try this again, the best 15''John2
Would a jbl 600.1 power 1 sub at 600?erik3
15" l7 and a RF 500.2paddy3
Audiobahn 10" Powered Bass Cylinder.MJ Wojciak5
What would u do???Jeffrey D2
Plz answer, most votes countmarshall white6
12" subs....Shiva or Vmax??? whats better?Jeffrey D3
A little help on what to get.MazdaMan3
Kicker QuestionAnonymous2
Se X X X or x x xMazdaMan2
More powerMazdaMan2
Vmax boxes chicken1
24" sub??Jonathan10
Anyone remember Volcano subs?zacdavis~1
Diamond AudioJonathan4
Help with a $1000 set upSeth R3
8 L7 12"s,Should I or Shouldn't I?Anonymous37
What are some good online stores?Jonathan5
W7 VS X.X.X Jonathan4
Adire shivas and loudnessJonathan7
Wiring Subszacdavis~3
Alpine Type-R 12" SubsJuggalo Jeff11
Best Subwoofer EnclosureBradd Meyers6
What system would you get?Trevor Eaton16
Alpine Type R or Cerwin Vega V-MaxJoe Smoe5
Subs firing up or back in a convertible?Sweet4
What configuration do i needAnonymous2
RE x.x.x or Adire Brahma?Anonymous5
Is V-max worth it?Audionoob134
What kind of box for 2 Vmax 12"Audionoob132
13 w6v2 or 15 x x xAudionoob135
Adire Brahma V.S. JL 13W7Audionoob133
Do you guys this this will fitsean2
Dual 2ohm 500 Rms subhiphopanonymous4
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