Which is the better sub?


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Ive been told by a lot of people on this site that both the Cerwin Vegas and the Adire Shiva are both good subs that i will get good sq and spl out of, i was wondering which one of these is a better sub and which one is a better deal, here is their info

http://www.acoustic-visions.com/~acoustic/products/subwoofer_drivers/adire_shiva /

Cerwin Vega

I know that the Cerwins are a little cheaper but if it is worth paying a little more for the Shivas let me know, so if you could look at both of these and tell me which one is a better brand and a better buy

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you are asking peoples opinions of what you would like, make your own mind up. But if it were me I'd go the shiva. But for entirely different reasons.

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well i just got my 2 shivas but i didtn ahve my amp yet so i plugged it in my friends box, it hit about as hard as his and the sound was the same but mine had more watts and so i could have put tons more watts then his sub, plus his amp supports 4 ohms and we had it wired to 8 so it still didnt have max power.

So the Shivas ARe good subs dont know about the other one.
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