Is bigger always better?


Looking to buy either a 12" or 15" V-Max sub. Is it always better to go with a 15" sub over the 12". I know the 12" is rated for 300W. All I have is 300W to push whichever I choose. What's the opinion on the harder hitting sub of the two with that amount of power. Thanks in advance for the help?

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The 15'' will hit harder. You will hit around 3 db's more than the 12''

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not quite 3db, yes in theory a doubling of suface area will gain three db, and also a doubling of power will gain 3db,(if100%efficient)
but keep this in mind, there is still only goin to be 300 watts goin to either woofer. now, how efficiant each woofer is compared to the other is goin to determine how loud they will be in comparison

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I am wondering which v-max to get too. So generally, if you are running the same watts rms, would a 15" hit harder? (Remember, the 12" and 15" have the same watt ratings.)

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the 15" VMAX is rated at 400watts and the 12" is only 300watts in case you thought they were the same. wasnt quite sure about your question joe. are you asking if one sub thats a 15" (not a vmax) and another thats 12" rated at the same amount of watts, which would hit harder?

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i would also like to know how different is the sq going for a 12 to a 15. is a fifteen still pretty tight or is there a huge difference between the 2.

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Thanks for the interest in the subject. But can anyone answer the question. Even though I only have 300W will the 15" hit harder than the 12". Will the 15" reach full excursion. Also Blare's question is interesting. Would there be a huge sound quality difference between the two subs. Keep in mind I only have 300W. Thanks

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you would be underpowering the 15" by 100 watts. you would hit full excursion on the 12 but not the 15. personally i think the 12 would be alot cleaner and pound just as loud as the 15 would since it would reach its xmax. the 15 might hit lower notes, but thats all i can think of. sq would be better on the 12 w/ 300 watts than the 15 w/ 300 watts.
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