Adire shivas and loudness


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are the adire audio shivas considered to be, in general, fairly hard hitting subs?


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To anybody thats gonna answer his question I would like to add to it.

Whats a good amp for it? I read it dvc 8ohms. So wiring it parallel will make it 4 ohms at about 375 watts(not sure). Will a 300 watt rms mono amp at 4 ohms be decent? Will it hit hard enough for a 4 door?

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For Steve, the shivas are VERY good subs. They pound pretty bad. They are better than ALOT of other subs. The best thing u can choose with an amp for under 4 brownies.
For Alias, your right about the wiring. I don,t recall that underpowering your can hurt it....
Not sure though, but for the best performance of the sub, u put as many watts rms as the sub is, if u can't find the exact amp that produces 350 rms, go with a 375 one, or 400. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY the same thing, but preferably as exact as possible.

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those are what i have. i have two in a 1.5 cu.ft box per sub. they will hit xmax at 300 watts. i have them run aprallel to a jbl bp 600.1. the more watts you feed it isnt going to make it hit any harder because it reaches xmax around 300. putting more watts to it will just make it hit harder at a slower, softer part of the song. yeah they hit nice but like he said there are alot better subs out there, but it's hard to beat the price of these. if you get them your definately going to want to run a jbl 600.1

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I purchased a shiva the other day cause i heard so many good things about it,it hasnt arrived yet but i was wanting to know what is the biggest i can go with the enclosure for best spl.(It's for a car)

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i heard that underpowering can be more damaging then overpowering subs does ne one kno ne thing about this

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Not necessarily. Both can equally damage. Any amp that you drive into clipping can damage a subwoofer, whether you're under or overpowering it. You can burn the voice coils with either depending on the system, overpowering will also cause mechanical damage (overexcursion of the suspension) to happen. People are just more likely to clip an amp that's underpowering b/c an amp with more power won't strain as hard at the volume level you're wanting the subs to be at.
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