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I'm looking at hookin' my car up with a serious sudio set up and have already amped up my normal speakers and now am looking at getting 2 12" subs in a sealed box which best fits my listening habits. I need good SQ but the louder the better (as always) too. I'm looking to spend $250 per sub and the other $500 going toward a proper amp and box. (if this is proportioned wrongly lemme know and just gimme the best overall setup with the $1000) So my question is for $250 a peice, what subs do you guys recomend? Also, would Q-Logic boxes be good and last?

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I figure my choices are:
2 RF T-1's (new)
2 RE Audio SE's (used but with box for $490)
or 2 Alpine Type X's (New and extending my price range about $75 more than I would like)
Which of those three (and i'm NOT limiting myself to those three alone just know that they're options for my price) would be best? If it's the Alpine's is it REALLY worth that much more or should I save a few and relegate my self to the next best set up(which would be?)?

Seth R
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Oh, one more thing. The RE SE set up would also come with a JBL 1200.1 amp for that price, even though i'm a little leary of it being used. Is the amp the best choice (or pretty nearly so) for the subs?
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