What is better a sealed or a banddass box? I have two Pioneer TS-W34C subs. I am going to upgrade later and use the same box. Here is what I am looking at for choices: STRK:MEWA:IT


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Bandpass, yuck!

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what type of a vehicle are you planing to put these subs into?

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Im not a fan of banpass, they look cheap and dumb and take up too much room

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as far as I'm concerned the auto doesn't have a whole lot to do with it. Let me explain. I have a mustang which was my first setup. pre ecoustics forum. I used xplode everything (subs and amp) after a little experimentation, I finally got it to be fairly loud and sound really good. My van was the next set up. I went and had a brain f@rt and went a audiobahn bandpass box, because that is what the audio dude recommended for the vehicle. needless to say, it sounded like poo-poo. but being a married man with kids I was stuck with it. Well I got a pretty good deal on a pair of earthquake tremors, but the only box I had was the bandpass. So out came the audiobahns and in went the tremors. not really a whole lot of difference.
so my next thing was pull the xplodes our of their sealed boxes, and I put in the audiobahns. Well I'm here to tell you that even though it isn't top of line it sounded better than the bandpass. in the same vehicle. Now I haven't pulled the tremors to see if there is a difference, but I'm sure there would be.
I guess what I'm trying to say is try and stay away from the bandpass, unless you don't care about what you are listening to. The bandpass gets loud. It gets real loud. But the SQ just isn't there.
A sealed on the other hand at least in my little exper. was darned close to being as loud and had much much better SQ.
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