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I'm not buying a car for this (or at all, really :-)), I'm just interested in what most people think are the best vehicles for SQ, maybe like for competition. So what's your opinion?

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You'll typically see a lot of Hondas, especially the hatchbacks. In fact, a lot of hatchbacks in general. You want to know the best SQ vehicle I've had? Not a typical one, a '67 Mustang Fastback. Many people say "Old cars aren't good for SQ, they're are all metal and rattle and resonate, plus they're loud" Well, maybe that hooptie box you saw running down the road with the trunk rattling from the crappy subs and no dynamat, but old cars have their benefits. Metal resonates, but so does plastic, fiberglass, and glass from windshields. All have their downfalls and benefits. The benefits of older cars (I feel) are the following:
1) Simplicity. You don't have all kinds of electronic control systems to draw current (requiring more alternator, and with small cars it's hard to get a lot of charging power) and the more electronics you have, the more they can possibly interfere (create noise) with the audio system. Any power line can create inductance in a line, and while twisted pair RCAs and high voltage preouts help, a little bit of noise will usually always be there(you just won't hear it), that's bad. Remember that current flows from ground, not positive. All electronics use ground as a reference point.
2) New cars have more irregularly shaped dashes(creating odd reflections) and huge, high (unnecessary at that) consoles. Dashes of newer cars tend to be very large at that, consoles are large, kick panels are small, and door panels are small(and not that deep). Not that that's a bad thing, but it makes a proper installation more difficult to implement.
Take a look at this picture (no, it's not my car)
Imagine the possibilities. If you're wondering, those kick panels have enough depth behind them to actually seal a midbass driver (with a good amt. of volume at that), so midbass can be great, especially w/ a little polyfill, it takes just a minor amt. of cutting. And, look at the smooth dash, unobstructed dash. No console to interfere, and no dash in the way. And with the size of the kicks, you can even fit 3 way components in the kicks(ones with an 8" midbass driver, yay!), which is really good stuff. That's what I'm considering doing. With that car, you can put two 12" subs AP between the cabin and trunk (if I remember correctly, I know there is enough for 10s). Cabin is smooth, rear seat never gets in the way, it can also be folded down or removed (you could flush mount amps in the floor, and use the trunk for storage as usual). Fastback performs similarly to a hatchback as far as SPL.
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