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Ok, I need a subwoofer option for my truck, I was looking to do a Cerwin Vega VMax but the airspace needed is too much. Unfortunately I am limited for the enclosure as I need an enclosure that will fit under the rear seat of the truck. WIth that in mind, all enclosures that I have found take a sub that has a mount depth no bigger that 6" and airspace for each sub is set at .6 cu ft. Any suggestions in a 10" or 12" sub would be greatly appreciative. I had looked at audiobahn but from what I have heard on the boards, I prolly don't want to stick to that. Thanks.

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edit-I can go up to .7 cu ft airspace, I re read the info on the box I am going to go with

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I can tell you that Adire audio Brahma's need very small inclosers if your going sealed. There very loud and i think it should be enough for you if its in a truck. if your not sure on the brand name or if you dont even know what im talking about, you can ask anyone on this fourm that knows there car audio and they can tell you how good of a driver the brahma is.
A 12" brahma is very loud, but you wont belive how loud the 10" is so dont be discouraged about size, they are some of the best SQ subs out ther and they keep there SPL up there very well.
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