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Help building a boxDanny Smith1
How do you do this?? DynOmite1
Yo dan these are the coaxs i was talking about last nightHunter Warren2
Which oneRyan Silvestri5
Couple of options for my system... what should i do?Billup10
Need Help!!!!!!!!!Jack Death4
Hows this sub???James Longo6
Subfanatic is a NEWB!!!!James Longo23
Mark s i answered your questionsean1
Prelimary results for triple chamber abc box using pvc instead box ...sean8
What would you do??Mike Loudon5
Best street beat?DynOmite5
I dont Know??????justin baker1
Hi everyone...long time no see, can yall give me a hand?sean10
Subwoofer POSITIONINGsanyo14
Need help picking a sub for my AMP please.dustin pettit8
Audiobahn vs. solobaric xHunter Warren46
So I finally decided...TrueBlue039
Sealed box...not completely sealedJake Hill3
Mounting amp on box ?Jake Hill6
Anyone need some 10" JL's?Gavin Wynne6
Need help with speakersdave perepechko6
Yo basslovaHunter Warren7
Hows this box look???Josh B8
Do you know how hard it is to do this?mixneffect6
Box Plans For 12" Alpine Type XScott Mielke4
I found out the prob with the jl and i have a seal probSubfanatic8
I got an aim name someone im meHunter Warren1
Expert help on ohms plzSubfanatic3
Need help with speakersdave perepechko1
Three JL 10w6's, Brutus, cap for sale...wrnagler200515
18" Ava in a Trunk???Hunter Warren2
Starting my system, need some helpJake Davis6
True or False???Hunter Warren5
Sub question (quick)Hunter Warren2
(1) Eclipse 15" Ti Pro |vs| (1) DD 9915Hunter Warren23
Problem with my subHunter Warren5
HOW TO BEAT DDHunter Warren5
Amps, Class A/B, D etc...LatinLover1
15 IMMORTAL OPINION?donny keen3
How good is this? Chris Person6
Resin is helpful inside a box?donny keen2
Two 12's or one 12 with equal total power?donny keen3
Infinity Basslink...EASY questionMustang Subs1
Bass mekanikdonny keen4
Ported v sealedKaramjit Singh3
Question with matching my amp with some subsMike Loudon2
05 Comp Vr'sMike Loudon1
10, 12, or 15?Mitch Foxcroft2
Any audiobahn users with aw1208t enter !!!!!!darkseid3
CapsJake Davis6
Make My System!!!xdrummer032
What Are Thing That Would Work For Sound Damping?xdrummer034
Kicker boxesdustin pettit2
Amp settings/clippingzacdavis~7
Fusion or kicker ampsdustin pettit3
Help help help helpTrevor Eaton2
Best sub for arround $300Trevor Eaton22
10's or 12's in a 99 escortdonny keen5
2 quick questionsdonny keen6
Alpine Type R vs MB Quart Reference Seriesbelptehsubs2
BEST set of 12" SPL sub's in a sealed box???disturb3d_pri3st17
18" Avalanche Box Dimentions???Shane S1
Jl audio wants 450$ to fix my w7 13?iamfucked6
Box Tuning vs. Subwoofer Frequency RangeMario Sargeant3
Amp questionAnonymous1
Finding RMS wattageJeff O Conner6
Fu@k all of u, u dont even answer all questions FA@@OTS!!Cody Chambers3
Question with CD player and systemChris Person8
What happend...completly confusedBeau7
Jl disappointing me?Jonathan9
Matching MTX Amp. to MTX Subs. adam pitkoff5
Orion HCCA 225 G4 up for grabs ! ! ! ! !MO1
Diamond Audio CM3s, any good?Amias1
Subfans high n he told me to do this....... lolLil Chris28
Freeairing a subsean4
For tradeSubfanatic8
Alpine cda-9830 pdizzle1
Hows this box look??Josh B1
JL audioTrevor Eaton2
Sound Quality Sub under $150 on ebay????John Dispo12
Anyone Know If This(10w7) WIll Still Work???gorrillaunit081
One twelve compared to two tensLoc_out7
Mbq vs alpine vs daTechnique1
FS subs, amp, wire, alt, misc.bumpin ben wallace13
Explain what DVC does to ohmsAnonymous1
Boston G2's capww85
RE8 Question on type of boxAnonymous9
Are these enclosure calculations even close? lolbeerman_accelerator-21
Best 8'sApocalypse10
2 12w0 vs 1 L7 10''taylor173
Subs cone's are getting warm. Is this bad?taylor1725
Which Sub is Better?Matt Reynolds10
Can I mix a rockford and a eclipse subJeremyC7
Realmofexcursion..Digital DesignsLatinLover14
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