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I haven't seen much talk going on about which way to point/position subwoofers, and I always assumed it was kind of important. I have a 2000 Chevy S10 extended cab and right now my single 12" is sitting right behind the passenger seat pointing straight forward into the back of the seat. It sounds awesome, but when I open my doors the sound and clarity of the subwoofer nearly doubles. It's almost like the sub has more room to BREATHE.

Does anyone know the best way to position a sub in an extended cab truck? I was thinking about either turning it to face backwards, point straight up, or turn it to face either one of the sides of the truck. Anyone with opinions/experience in this?

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try all of the above listed positions and see which sounds best

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Generally, people with trucks use down firing enclosures. It supposedly sounds better.

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Yup, and the reason it sounds louder with the door's open, is cabben gain.

Truck subs
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This is the sub I have. I'm assuming you can't just put it on it's face and point it straight down.

What's "cabben gain"?

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down seems to be the favorite for trucks, I've got mine facing up right now, or it can go forward and be smothered right behind the seats. Though mine doesn't get noticeably louder with the windows down.

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Cabin gain is what happens when the air pressure and air volume is increased to the listening area. Although your speaker requires an enclosure to reproduce sound at higher efficiency, it is not the end of things.

When a speaker is in opperating mode it moves inward and outward like a piston in an air compressor. This motion creates higher air pressure called SPL (just like an air compressor). More pressure - more volume. I am talking about the pressure released from your speaker, not the one inside the box.

When your speaker is playing in an enclosed truck cabin it will produce a certain volume. When you open the door, the air pressure pressing against the speakers cone changes and now the speaker behaves different.

(Kinda like when a football player runs the 1/4 mile with all his gear on, then does the same thing with his gear off. Basicly a lessor load).

Speakers are more efficient in lessor air pressure. Just like cooking. Mile high clubs experience a loss in audio output using the same equipment.

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i have my 2 subs in my trunk pointing forward and they seem to sound the best.

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no...when u face it downwards...u make like a little raiser on the enclosure 2 suspend it above the ground

Truck subs
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Is it not bad for the subwoofer to have the weight of the magnet on top of the cone. It seems like it would put too much stress on it when the sub is having to pulse up and down a whole lot...

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the magnet is held with a basket annd the magnet puts no force on the cone at all

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If you use your speaker in a downfiring application, the suspension will give after a while. If your speaker does not have an underhung voice coil, it will malfunction. I have never been a fan of downfiring subs for these reasons.

Truck subs
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I've had my sub for 2.5 years and it's still going strong. I don't want to have it crap out because I mounted it upside down....

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i have a ride and the back seats fold down i had them facing me becouse it cut down on the rattle now i dynmat my ride should i put them facing the trunk lid? 2 15 l5 portted.
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