Mounting amp on box ?


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is there a problem mounting my amp to a box? i keep getting mixed opinions about doing it i was wondering if anyone can let me know if its ok

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if you can avoid mounting the amp to the box please do ....the rattling on your amp is not good

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Don't do it. The box vibrates and your electronics won't like that much.

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Yeah it shakes the heat dispersement grease of it adn then it overheats and frys :P

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The above mentioned advice seems logic and true. I have mounted amplifiers on Sub boxes before and have experienced no loss or damage. Most of my installations were on systems of less than 300 watts. At higher power I can see how things can quickly change.

If you would like to mount the amp on the box because it would eliminate grounding/short circuit errors between wiring and/or you just need the room in your trunk, then consider using rubber busshings between your amp and the box to reduce vibration.

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When you have a system that makes it so you can't breath right when it hits... then yea, don't be mounting your amp on the box...
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