Can I mix a rockford and a eclipse sub


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I have a Rockford Punch Stage 2 12" and a new Eclipse 12", Could I possibly have both subs in my car without sounding like crap or is reccomended to have the same company sub in your car?

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It would be alright. But techinally speaking, you're going to have cross-cancelation of some frequencies. Hook it up and fiddle with it.

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it would bump but that would look g@y in my opinion lol! Run that eclipsein a ported box tuned to 29 hz for SQ or 35 hz for a mix of SQ and SPL. That's jsut what I would do

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just use the eclipse, get rid of the rf, it wont ever be heard

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But ifink about it theres no such thing as cancellation lol..ive saw an mtx, kicker, pionneer and a pro series sub at the same time

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As long as the subs are in phase they can't cancel eachother out. Will they sound good together on the other hand...... that's another question.

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Joe can you honestly say 3 diffrent subs are going to react the exact same to a given siginal?

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