What happend...completly confused


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ok guys heres what happend.i got to start my car...it turns over twice (vroom-vroom....silent) and then nothing...i try my car again, nothing happend, i noticed my electrical system was out, lights werent on inside, power locks didnt work...so i pop my hood, my father takes a tool (forget which one) and taps my battery, some corosion falls out and we spray some wds40 or somthign like that to help fight the corrosion from the battery, so then my car starts and all my electrical works.....EXECPT MY FING SYSTEM....now what should i check, fuses? is my amp blown andone have any idead

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I really dont see why it wouldnt work......
Theres no reason why any fuses would blow.
Does your HU turn on?

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No nothign turns on, my head unit is off, my amp isnt lit up (not on i guess) so i have no clue wtf to do...someone plz help

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any clue

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Make sure you have power at the amp. Sounds like a fuse at the head unit. Without the head unit the remote on the amp gets no power.

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Look in the fuse box where all the fuses in your car are. Look in the owners Manual to see wich number fuse runs the Stereo and whatever else is hooked up to that. Check that fuse.

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ya i checked my fusebox, the fuse for my cd player is still good, so ill check my HU
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