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Extra Pre-outs w/ head unitMike42006-08-01 21:03
Extra Pre-outs w/ head unitMike12006-07-31 18:15
Opinions on Alpine ERA-G320?ShawnS12006-07-25 03:33
Alpine type-r 12po, with an alpine 9855 head unit ShawnS32006-07-25 03:07
Smart Guys......Alt noiseJexx112006-07-20 01:17
Audiocontrol EPICENTRE ? ......Jesse D42006-07-17 20:16
S's making a hiss with new headunit?MaxSQ22006-07-15 01:39
Does Cadence make good EQs?MaxSQ42006-07-15 01:36
What should my frequency be turned to on my 600.4 amp?MaxSQ22006-07-15 01:26
How to Hookup HU with 3 preouts to EQ with 1main input MaxSQ42006-07-15 01:18
Where can I buy a tri-mode crossover?MaxSQ22006-07-15 01:14
Help with alpine 9835 headunitJustin Baker62006-07-12 04:49
AudioControl EQL - Where to Install ?Andrew Paul B12006-07-10 08:36
Engine noise in c6 vette Jexx22006-07-08 23:41
Orion DEQ 30 EQ (very high dollar unit)gage ware32006-07-07 09:42
Setting up equalizers and x-oversBrian Lepus62006-07-05 03:29
Equalizer in Alpine Head UnitJeff12006-07-01 05:08
Need help hooking up my equalizervasilis Pipis72006-06-23 13:41
Capacitors for low pass crossovermike42006-06-22 17:12
EQ wanted - PPI Par-245Shaine22006-06-19 05:08
In Line Filters Bass Blockersrick ross32006-06-17 16:31
Go atleast for a 13 band eqmrsq12006-06-14 07:52
Noob question on wat kinda EQ i would needmixneffect22006-06-14 07:43
Alpine type-R tunningEd Q62006-06-07 04:46
Would these crossovers work?mixneffect52006-06-03 18:41
Major NOOB here...basic Qbob impact32006-06-01 12:57
Set up advice needed! *Cross overs...bob impact32006-06-01 12:54
Component crossover helpbob impact42006-05-31 03:43
Audio ControlKeith Stender42006-05-31 01:24
EQ Setting on Kenwood XXV-01D CD help!!Maris52006-05-15 17:05
Adjustable X- over slopesalteraudiousa102006-05-14 04:42
FS :Audiocontrol 6XSand EQSalteraudiousa12006-05-05 18:01
Need some help with crossoversMark Biondo12006-04-27 04:03
Building my own crossover... GlassWolf?Ruthless72006-04-26 18:04
What kind of cross over do I need?Jake Davis32006-04-25 16:21
EQ & CROSS OVERJake Davis32006-04-25 16:20
Should i .. how do i .... HELP!!joe black12006-04-16 04:07
New CrossoverKicker Kevin22006-04-05 17:59
My equalizerKicker Kevin52006-04-05 04:49
Hooking up ground and power for eq to distribution block??Kicker Kevin22006-04-05 04:40
Should i get oneKicker Kevin42006-04-05 04:33
Glasswolf / Question on Phasing,Crossovers, etc...MO22006-03-29 00:07
What crossover should i getChad Lee12006-03-28 03:27
Formula for tri-mode passive componentsGlassWolf42006-03-27 03:20
Zapco's EQ and crossover what do you thinkGlassWolf42006-03-26 18:37
Quality sounds from Alpine ComponentsGlassWolf22006-03-25 01:46
Where can i get a 45hz high pass filter?Robert Boucher12006-03-24 21:59
What is a decent brand for a EQ?MIKE HAMEL72006-03-22 03:51
AudioControl EQS - AudioControl Six Channel Pre-Amp EqualizerChad Lee52006-03-18 15:03
Is This GOOD??Nypd-Lapd92006-03-15 14:45
Need To Know BADD!JeremyC22006-03-13 19:47
Sony XE-8MKIIDennis McIntosh22006-03-10 05:28
Alpine cda 7893Tom Lee12006-03-09 00:43
Eclipse 8455chascast82006-03-04 20:52
Bass blockersGlassWolf62006-02-28 22:32
Need manual for alpine 3342Carlos Fuentes302006-02-23 05:44
Orion bridging moduleRichard Wilson12006-02-17 01:21
Kappa 693.7i 6x9 3-WAY have dual voice coils and want to add anoth...GlassWolf22006-02-15 23:13
Im new and need helpGlassWolf42006-02-15 22:59
equalizer 11 wires diagramsinuyasha44320162006-02-15 22:17
Subwoofer Crossoversharp72006-02-15 05:15
DB/OCTJake Chesley62006-02-09 02:22
Alpine 3339 controller cableGlassWolf22006-02-03 17:39
X-over and sound processor?alteraudiousa22006-02-02 15:31
Correctly Setting Crossover & Amp Gains/Levels.kuldip tangri12006-02-01 16:54
Alpine 9833 MikeP42006-02-01 03:18
Bad for X over?alteraudiousa22006-01-30 17:19
Coustic cd-527Richard Wamsley12006-01-30 00:31
Power Connections?!?Jay B.22006-01-25 05:00
DB/OCTilya iaskevich12006-01-24 18:50
AudiobahnAnonymous82006-01-20 12:12
Alpine 9855 XOverilya iaskevich12006-01-18 16:15
BasicsJake Chesley92006-01-15 05:33
HELP!!!!matt32006-01-14 05:54
Are crossovers needed?Jake Chesley92006-01-10 03:15
Help!!!!!! Hooking Amp to Cross OverJoseph Nowacki12006-01-06 22:06
Ford Expedition Crossover??Jeff at homeserve42006-01-06 03:04
Would you need a crossover for two Alpine type-r'sGlassWolf42006-01-03 05:18
Good brandCasey Wood42005-12-25 04:22
Will XO help?Kojak2822005-12-24 03:08
Do I need a crossover?Kojak2852005-12-23 03:36
Anyone need a Nakamichi EC-200 x-over?Paul Papadeas62005-12-19 13:19
Can someone advise on a good >Graphic< EQ, either in a HU or separa...mikechec932005-12-19 07:03
equalizer 11 wires diagramsAnonymous22005-12-17 00:42
EQ for McInstosh/Audison/JL Stealth/Focal in BMW 3Vincent52005-12-16 11:02
Jonathansteve r72005-12-16 03:20
I need a EXPERT!! im such a noobmikechec9122005-12-16 01:05
Old equalizer!!!need to know what color wire goes where?steve r62005-12-10 00:52
Focalsteve r32005-12-09 22:27
Looking for a crossover with no subsonic filtersteve r22005-12-09 16:46
Sanwa smb-5100David Pantlik12005-12-02 02:10
Amp settings...MadMax100032005-11-30 22:56
Kicker kq5lucas beckner12005-11-29 20:50
What kind of LOC do I need?mikechec922005-11-25 20:25
Active or Passivemixneffect12005-11-24 22:23
Alpine 3341 EQ problemMuhammad Ahmed12005-11-24 14:38
AudioControl?Kojak2812005-11-24 03:05
Seperates xover or amp xover (or both)Seth Lowe32005-11-23 03:24
Audiocontrol overdriveVincent112005-11-18 23:23
AI-NET???Vincent42005-11-18 23:13
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