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I read this on sounddomain forum

"Now, we need to check phase. Phasing is complicated, so I will try to decomplicate phasing.
It is essentially the planar origin of a wave. In our case, a sound wave. We want all phasing to be correct. Phasing corresponds to X-overs. you dont want 24db X-overs in the highs, because you then form a dip in your system, or Delta^change in your bandwidth. meaning, 20hz-200hz may sound normal, 201Hz to 5Khz may have a dip that seems like the volume is lower. My point- aim for 18db or 12db X-over. Set them accordingly. If you use the Head Unit X-Overs, adjust 90 degrees Phase for every 6db.

meaning, 18db on amp, 12db on Deck, now adjust phasing on deck to either 0 or 180 degrees. If you have 90 degree settings, use it. The reason? out of phase speakers leave a hollow sound in the car. This is bad. hollow is bad. We want warm and smooth."

Ok this is what im working with in my system -

-Pioneer Premier 860

-PPI a600.2 for my CDT HD62 component set

-Arc Audio 1500-XXK :

900x1 @4 ohms bridged & 1,000x1 @2 ohms bridged

Microprocessor controlled
Selectable 12/24dB crossover rolloff
Remote digital bass boost gain w/led status display
Sub-sonic filter
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Tripath class t circuitry
Electronic load sensing for optimal power output performance
Enhanced 1 ohm mode
Protection against: reverse voltage, over voltage, speaker short, and thermal overload

Im using the HU crossover HPF for my front stage at 12db @ 80hz

I plan to use the crossover on my XXK-1500 to my ID MAX 12 subwoofer sealed.

Should the crossover be set at 24db @ 80hz for the LPF on this particular amp ? I dont have a option of 18db slope on the amp but i do on the HU but i think im suppose to set the lpf on the HU to full to turn it off right ?

Please help me set this up. Thanks


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Username: Suleman36

Maryland U.S.A.

Post Number: 3396
Registered: Feb-05
by the way, im going to run the amp at 900 x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged.

Here is a picture of the amp controls. What should i be setting all of these to for it to blend in well with the rest of the system. Thanks

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