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I hear a lot of people talk down about audiobahn but whats really wrong with them?

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i believe glass had had one apart before and can expound more on the subject. i find audiobum to be a joke in the field, but i have had absolutely no issues with the one d class amp i've owned. in fact, it was one of my better purchases. no heat, no clipping, absolutely no problems what's so ever. but it was a (ebay) 340.00 800watt dt. i would guess that the very inexpensive t series would do considerably worse. but, again i don't have experience enough with them to elaborate in any greater depth than that.
plus their just plain corny. jmo

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Jonathan and Glasswolf hate the way Audiobahn does business. That is why they hate the brand.
I've tested Audiobahn's class D, AB and HCT models. They performed well for the money.
From my experience, lot of the failures were caused by the user, overloading the amp or clipping. Audiobahn claims they have multi protection built on the amps, but I find them faulty. You can easily blow them.

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I've heard their 40 band eq/xover. great for sq.


A figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase introduced by like or as

"Behold she blushes like a maid"(4.1.33)

In this simile I believe that Claudio is sort of making a joke about hero. When he says she is blushing like a mad, he means why should she be blushing like a maid when she is of a higher status, and would of expected her to react differently.

This simile fits the plot because every one in the play has a certain role to play. To see the character hero Blushing as a maid is sort of comic relief, because some tragic events happened before it.



A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison

"...Played their parts with Beatrice, and then the two bears will not bite one another..."(3.2.72-73)

In this metaphor, Claudio is talking about their scheme to get Beatrice and benedict together. He is hoping that hero and Margaret do their part so it works out and does end horribly.

This metaphor fits appropriately in this plot because, in the play benedict and Beatrice clearly hate each other. Describing the two as animals (bears) perfectly explains how they behave.


A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect

" Who Hath indeed, most like a liberal villain, Confessed the vile encounters they have had a thousand times in secret"(4.1.92-94)

In this hyperbole Don Pedro is telling his brother about hero. He says a thousand times, this stands for how many time she has supposedly slept with other men. Basically Don Pedro is lying and to try and make it worst he exaggerates on his lie.

This hyperbole fits the plot by giving Don Pedro a line that exaggerates and makes his character seem more mischievous. He could of easily just had a line that went straight to the point, but when he uses a thousand it makes it seem like it's an on going assurance.


Passing reference or indirect mention
" But speak you this with a sad brow? Or do you play the flouting Jack, to tell us Cupid a good hare-Finder and Vulcan a rare carpenter"(4.1.175-178)
in this allusion it is referring to Jack and Hare as in a jack rabbit, and something about Greek mythology.

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