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I just got the 8455 Eclipse which as the ability to measure your interior---then upload the info to their web-site---then adjust everything----put it back on a stick---then upload it back to your head-unit--and "poof"---instant equalization and time alignment.
I'm an "old" guy. 48 years old, that used to have the best car stereo system in the land 25 years ago. However-----I'm lost on this. LOST! TOTALLY LOST!-- I'm also a hi-tech red-neck and have practically all the latest techie goodies because---well--I guess it's a mid-life crisis thing, so I'm not a complete dummy.
I can do the measurement....I can load it to the stick----I can get it to the web-site--and I can see the adjustments made on the site and get it back on my stick. HOWEVER------when I put it back in the head-unit, it ALWAYS says; "file err"
Now--I have been able to record onto the stick while it is in the head-unit--and I'm able to get the measurements onto the stick, but I cannot load the data from the web-site onto the head unit.
One thing---it says in the manual (which over the past three days the pages have come loose because I've been there so many times) to format the stick in the deck so it is ready for their files. There is also supposed to be a file with a subfolder ready to receive the info. THAT FILE DOES NOT EXIST NO MATTER WHAT I DO!
The other thing that I have found is that the manual is full of grammatical errors, spelling errors, and I believe some steps have just been left out altogether.
Yes--I realize that I can go in and set this up manually, which is what I'll wind up doing, but hell---what hi-tech red-neck wouldn't want to have a computer do it for them, especially when it's suppposed to work?!?!?!?
I'm stumped. I've done the measurement thing so many times that I've become a mind-numbed robot. I've tried to burn a CD to load it from there, and at least on the CD it will show the file on the head-unit and ask if I want to load it. When I try to, it says "file-err' as well.
I'm thinking about going into my attic, getting out my 8-track under-dash unit, that has a "tone" control on it. Then, I will take out my Eclipse, place it on the driveway, and run over it a few times with my left-front truck tire. Then we'll see if it refuses to take my file again.
My wife asked me 20 times yesterday as I sat in the truck: "why are you in there listening to static?"
(fortunately, she never caught on that I didn't understand it either)

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I have been considering purchasing the same head unit myself. Your story scares me. I also noticed that the Eclipse website was written in Bloken Engrish, but I did not think that would affect the quality of their equipment. Please let us know if you find a solution to this and/or if you are able to receive any technical support from Eclipse.

Other than this specific issue, does this HU sound OK? Have you tried playing MP3s from the memory stick? If you have tried to manually adjust the settings, is it easy to do?

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Look i can tell you from experience that eclipse makes the best head units in the business.
i have had a 55090 for almost 4 years and nothing went wrong with it. it also never skips and gives you the best sound possible. if you want a high end deck and have the money, go with the eclipse.

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Well well well, Man you guys are going to love me. Look at I did a review on the eclipse 8455 with complete instructions on how to use the eiserv stuff.

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I know nothing about Eclipse but would think that you could enter all that stuff with the controls? What does someone without a PC do?
I had an Alpine that was like that, but the readings went on a CD.

My current HU is a Pioneer 860 and it came with a mic and does all that with a built in noise generator. Its pretty cool stuff.
I remember my first trip to CES in Vegas back in 1983. At that time
Pioneer was the only Car Audio maker to have a DSP and they claimed; in the future all HU will adjust for time,x-over and EQ automaticly. We were like, Whatever! sounds cool but who could afford it? 20+ years later, you can pick one up for around
$350. on Ebay.

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Yes you can do it thru the controls, but it won't automaticaly set the PEQ for you if you don't have a computer. Besides who spends 650 on a cd player and doesn't have a computer, or axcess to one.

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The cd8455 does also come with a mic, so you should be able to set it up that way too.

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i am looking for someone to guide me on eclipse changer product. i bought a used 1990 mercedes and the changer box has been removed. the cables are there and the eclipse remote is here.
the changer controller is #QR-116. if i search for a new changer box to fit... which models are likely to work?
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