Kappa 693.7i 6x9 3-WAY have dual voice coils and want to add another tweeter to it?


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I have the INFINITY KAPPA 693.7i 6x9" 3-WAY speakers only ( no other speakers just those two). They are pushed by a 1ohm stable 2ch amp. The kappas have dual voice coil and one of the coils is for the tweeter and the other is for the base and mids ( I think or tweets and mids then the other is for base). It's not a real dual voice coil but it has it. My question is can I wire another tweeter with the voice coil that is for the tweeters by adding it to that voice coil? I want to have both speakers and 2 tweeters but only have a 2ch amp and think that may work. Basically it goes +- to the speaker but right before it is a crossover that bridges off to 2 sets of +-. So on the set for the tweeters can I add another dome tweeter to it and another dome tweeter to the other speaker? Hopefully that is not too confusing. Also if the new tweeters are 4ohm with there own crossover is that still okay or if they have there own crossover should I just ad them to the amp instead of wiring them to the kappas crossover. Also what will the ohm load be on a 2ch 1ohm amp with the kappas which are 2ohm and the tweeters which are 4ohm? The amp is a Kicker 600.2 I think.

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