EQ for McInstosh/Audison/JL Stealth/Focal in BMW 3


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My system:

BMW 325i 4-Dr 2002
McIntosh MX406
Audison SRX 3
JL Stealthbox/8IB4 in rear deck
Focal 165 V3E 3-way in doors
Dynamat everywhere

This system has been purchased but not installed. Install will be with Custom Sounds, Austin, Texas, whom I know and trust, though I had to buy the Mac elsewhere. I am sad to see that Nakamichi is no longer an option (it's been a while for me). SQ is everything for me. I am not crazy about the Mac look, but I am crazy about performance, and I want my DIN box full of important things like good D/A, and transport, and not wasted on unimportant (to me) stuff like amplifier, cartoon generator, DSP etc.

I want my signal going through as few things as possible between the source and the driver, but cars being cars, I fear that I may need some outboard EQ, though the Audison does provide some flexibility. Would appreciate general and specific thoughts on the above, and particular EQ equipment suggestions.


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Why don't you use the Mcintosh MDA5000 D/A converter?

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Vincent, I did not know of the MDA5000 D/A. What would it do with respect to my concern in the original post?

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Greetings Thomas. Nice to have another audiophile on board.
i would strongly suggest te alpine pxa-h701.

I love it and have had no noise issues with it. it is extremely flexable. if ebay is your thing (that's where i got mine) they currently have it and the matching rux-c701 controller for under 600.00.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Alpine-PXA-H701-MultiMedia-Manager-for-IVA-D310-etc-NIB_W0QQ itemZ5831798992QQcategoryZ14931QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

http://cgi.ebay.com/ALPINE-RUX-C701-CONTROLLER-FOR-PXA-H701-BRAND-NEW_W0QQitemZ5 830963632QQcategoryZ79842QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

it does eq for 62 bands L and 62 bands R (31 bands per 2 channels on each side. i have my 1" & 3" eq'd together, and then each 6.5") at 1st through 5th order slopes (6db-30db/oct). also, if you ever plan on adding an additional sub, it will allow you to switch on the fly between it and your 8" without problems. i loved the capabilities of my 9835, but then this came in and.. well, i highly recommend.
about the Nac, see scott buwalda. he has eastern connections (abroad) and can get quite a few high end lines. http://buwaldahybrids.com/

for trunk mounts, i would consider audiocontrol's line of digital eq's.
or if you're willing to pay quite a bit more, and jump to a new HU, you could go with the pioneer p9 pair. it has extensive DSP control/options (scott carries the japanese corozerria version http://www.pioneer.co.jp/carrozzeria_x/lineup/rs-d7x2/index.html)

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The MDA5000 is an external D/A converter. I myself am in the same boat as you, i do not like my signal going though so many different things to get to my speakers. I do not prefer an external EQ AT ALL. I have never played with an MX406 (i do plan on it soon) but i would have to imagine that it would have a built in EQ adjsutament on the unit itself. Just my .02 cents
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