Will XO help?


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I'm not saying there's anything wrong with my system, but i was told that an inline xo would make it even louder.My HU (alpine cda-7892, 4a preout) and amp (coustic 401db) both have XO's. would an inline help?

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A crossover does exactly what its name implies: it allows specific frequencies to "crossover" and be amplified to a desired driver. Now, a line driver is different. Audiocontrol makes probably some of the best in the business. They make XO's/ line drivers, meaning that the signal voltage going through the rca cables is boosted. Four volts is what the amp(s) are seeing now. With an A.C. line driver rms voltage is 8 to 9 volts! That hot of a signal needs to be equalized and matched with the gains on the amps and the volume of the HU. That is pretty clean stuff you got there. If you install another XO all it would do is increase specific octaves .5-1 db before rolloff. You would be washing a freshly waxed vehicle. It ain't gonna hurt anything, but it really ain't necessary. Conversely, if you installed a line driver, you would notice a considerable diference-IF your amp can handle it, that is. Amps can be run at lower settings and still achieve awesome stats with a line driver. I got 12 more dbs from mine on install!
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