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Missing radio code for Nissan Micra K12CRTM-145
Alpine MRP-M350Elpaterico 2
Car amp making car run badlyElpaterico 1
Amp ruined car systemSmccarthy12311
Help need asapkelvin1
Five channel amp issueed1
Troubles occurred in Car Stereo Amplifier I madetree19951
L7 speaker wire?jingjiaju1
Amp for L7Sam Jones4
Just had amp installed. Question about the settings.Mr.T2
My amp won't turn on?Richard1
How to protect audio device in car amplifierfaceu1
Amp ProblemBrandon S1
Amp in protection modeDave1
2016 F-150 speaker upgrade factory headNick Trenholm1
Amp Recommendations Please!will sinclair4
Directed amp refurbishDennis2
Blaupunkt 2 Channel amp hooked up with Polk Db651 speakersKarthick1
Hooking power wire to ampJohn1
What amp do I need Phatboi33q1
Amp doesnt turn onHector P.1
??Mark 40 car amp? Watts? Manufaturer? ndagamej1
Amp Recommendations Please! TEASTON1
What amp do i get?daddy2kids5
HERTZ HCPD4kman821
Mosfets burningPieter1
Amp blows fuse and protection light comes on Yo Slimm1
Rockford fosgate p2 sub'sNickel241
Loud Buzz and Whine from RCA inputveeejay1
Just isn't right!David Crutcher1
Power supply?wendell1
Need best 12" to pair w/ extra amp I have. Sparkys Dad1
Powering amp and charging battery in a 1965 vwAndyBass1
My 15in l7 solo kicker keeps shutting offtrickydix20002
Turn on 12v car amplifier with ATX POWER_GOOD?Ben1
How to feed audio signal to car stereo volume controller (LC75421M)...faceu1
Rear speakers suitable with Sony xplod 222w 2ch ampCallmeJJ1
Identification & installation of vintage amp and radio - help pleas...David1
Amp not powering on?Tyler1
Genesis profile two (could be an ultra)Nickeh1
Help redoing truck amplifierbrandon19941
How to hook up 4 channel ampSteve1
Thump sound 30+/- seconds after radio is offModeratestereoinstal2
Two (2) JL Audio 500/1 slash amp to One (1) 13W7AE ?? or NO?...bek1
How to hook upT2
2010 Camaro Amp HelpRickey1
Truck help 8Bit1
Wiring question for powered sub, separate amp with stock head unit. john3
Need advice finding the right amp for my subSantiago2
Amp for one Alpine r type 12"?john2
Is this a good set up?Optidriven2
amp wants 175 amps, alternator 80ampsOptidriven2
Alpine mrx m240, best way to power (175amps) Optidriven2
3 dvc subwoofer wiringOptidriven2
Need Help Urgent Before I BuyOptidriven2
Is this a good set up?Russell1
Does my amp have enough power? BrandonM2
Wiring clarity Oupabla1
Evolution ssl 4000 watt mono blockTony4211
Fosgate p-500 & 2 10 inch 400 watt Memphis dual voiceNick Adams2
Ground loop/staticNick Adams1
Do I need a new alternator to add a new amp?Keith2
Amp is killing batteryKeith2
Kenwood amp problemsKeith2
Tunner amp. and Pioneer amp.freashen1
Amp suggestions Ray1
Add another amp or upgrade to 1 big amp?Micky1
Deck works but amp wont get powernick1
The easiest way How to Hook up a second amp to my highsMidnight1
Amp producing to much soundGohar Aziz1
I'm pull power way to fastEugene1
My amp doesnt come onTina3
Subs crackle when power to radio is offLawtown771
Kenwood D-amp Will Not Turn ONCosworth1
Trying to pick a new 5 Channel AmpKevin1
(2) Kicker KX600.1 600 watts Amps and (4) 15' Comp Speakers...Mr. Wright2
One amp cuts out the other.Kieran Richards1
HELP PLEASEseanmacd1
Lights are on but nobody's homeWinston1
Dd m2b ampcodyD1
Strange horn noise from speakersGolfMNE2
Quick question mandel waddy3
Need serious helpidiot1
Jl audio xd600/1d vs. kicker cx6001.dc.j.2
Amplifier not getting power BOSS 2014 Chaos 2 Channel 1600 wmasonpaish1
New system issues, need help!David1
Whats the best amp to runjay_rl911
Help Please!joe durkham2
Help with amplifier I need!joe durkham4
Problems with Kicker zx1000.1joe durkham7
Need help on what amp i should use. joe durkham2
Please help i need to know what amp to use pj4
Not an lot of roomjoe durkham2
Does a amplifier take the same amount of power?joe durkham2
Is the Hifonics ZRX1200.2 CEA-2006 compliant?joe durkham2
Newbie that might be in over my headMatt1
New system amp problem joe durkham7
Help with ampjoe durkham5
Help on amplifier joe durkham2
Pairing new amp with speakershorizonlol1
This a good amp?joe durkham2
2001 mercedesml320 radio DonLShaheen1
Helpmichael b1
Hooked up the amp & SW & it works w radio but not cd or iphoneSaralita5
P1000x5 Rockford fosgate bugjoe durkham2
Need sherwood xa-1240q manual pleaserick1
Amp won't turn onRicky Williams3
Schematic/Repair Manual for Alpine PleaseYukhui2
Need help figuring out what the best wattage amp would be for my wo...joe durkham2
Radio cuts off when i turn up the volumejoe durkham3
Stereo getting very hot darren.spires1
O-Scope Tuning, SE Georgia or Northern Florida??YoungGuy3
Popping noise in stock bose amplifier audio systemGeoff1
I got a question on my jbl ampjoe durkham2
Troubleshootjoe durkham2
Amp Protection Mode with Batteryjoe durkham2
Hi level input reconnect each time turned on Padrew1
Car stereo RMS + amp rmsjoe durkham13
Car audio amp no power...joe durkham2
Amp has power but not playingjoe durkham7
Center Frequencyjoe durkham3
Wiring my motorcycleberiah1
Rockford amp protect lightjoe durkham2
Car audiojoe durkham3
Soundstream Reference 1000SX + JL Audio 12W3v1 ( amp heating up + J...KellyB5
Help! I have a 4ohm amp run to a 2ohm sub and amp cuts off when I t...joe durkham2
Where to get american bass 100.1joe durkham2
Review the listdanielT10
Noob queston plz helpleo stierer4
Amp wont power on !!!!joe durkham2
Hifonics two1200.1 mono hoked to two mofo 12 and settings r the sam...randy baaasss1
My kenwood turns on when i turn the key and then shuts offStephen Brown1
Need eXPERT advise - best quality 1000Watt 1Ohm stable on 150-350 b...joe durkham2
Bazooka Subs and lanzar 1400 watt amp?joe durkham2
I need help!aaron.maese911
JL Audio JX series?? Any Good??joe durkham6
Arc Audiojoe durkham2
No sound coming from sub even though amp is on.Christian3
Coustic Power Logic Amp wires cut.joe durkham2
New amp wont turn on?! help pleasejoe durkham3
Amp protect modeGlassWolf2
Crunch vs. planet audio. which is betterGlassWolf15
Sub isn't workingjoe durkham5
Torque td1500dlilvet3
What subs should I buy?GlassWolf2
What amp do I need to buy?GlassWolf2
Remote WireGlassWolf2
Humming and popingGlassWolf9
Amp Turns Off When Head Unit Is ConnectedGlassWolf2
I dnno what happened!!!GlassWolf2
Should my amp be getting hotGlassWolf3
Amp not getting powerGlassWolf4
Torque t-562w2 760 watts maxJorge7
Inerfirejoe durkham2
2 different amps have power, but no outputjoe durkham3
Boss Phantom 1500 vs MTX Audio Thunder 3202joe durkham5
Did I fry my amp? how why Dao5
Intrerfire if 2900cjoe durkham6
Kicker DX 500.1 amp issuesMyskinsmysin2
Need help with my setupjoe durkham2
Alternator Issuesjoe durkham2
Sony XM-2165gtx / 2 rockford fosgate R2D4-12BIGgY1
Need help choosing an ampMNKiiiD3
Need Help Choosing an amp!!Lorenzo13
Need helping setting amptravis1
The best amp for 1500w?joe durkham3
3 different amps to choose fromSilver-N-Black3
Old Punch 45.2 and a new Polk Audio DXi 104 DVC subjoe durkham2
Does this work?Ben1
Help Legacy amp won't turn on but capacitor will.joe durkham3
Help install Amp, Sub, and Speakersjoe durkham2
Bazooka Amp Turns On But Doesnt Power Subsjoe durkham2
Need help on how to use more then one ampjoe durkham2
Competition Power and Quality Voice.BossMania1
T500-1BD rockford amp not playing sound?shawn3
Rf5001d vs jx500.1dTerry1
Help with deciding between amplifiersjoe durkham2
Help me please! Ahhhhhh!joe durkham2
A good ampT-bone7
Question about power in my systemjoe durkham2
Connecting car amplifier in home with cpu question?jenifer020516
Anyone head Sundown Amps?GlassWolf12
Need help with ampjoe durkham9
Help with Amp choices/combinationuser6521
2/1 sony explod 1000 watt ampJack Death11
What kind of amp should I get for two 10 inch subs?joe durkham4
Kenwood KAC-8405 ProblemGlassWolf7
Are amp. makers defrauding us?GlassWolf3
Best Buy Insignia speakersjoe durkham2
Sub amp bass hits on & offGlassWolf8
Earhtquake amplifierGlassWolf4
Need a new ampGlassWolf2
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