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409 working good for 3500Girish Patel2
2700A no signalspeng5
vs ultra no chanalsPlymouth15
Dish Network is Downdevin3
Any old CW600P bins working?leines1
308 bin for Pansat 3500SD freezing againepor2
Puff 204 is autorolling after every 1-2 minBobby Joe1
Captiveworks 600S freezing againKellergirl1
Cw600p acting up againgreg1
5,00 scrambled channelsterry young1
Scanning 2700 w/dpp lnb?bob1
Any one knows if 205 is working good for Pansat 2700 original?Gr81
Nalin Please Help: 2700A cannot apply new 205 api binJay Z3
Puff 205 still freezingNalin Nyda19
What uploader is being used for PUFF 205?Joe3
No bins still for 250smsuperslammy1
Stuck on "F" Recovery KitPat Bateman7
PUFFERS not working?jaye14
Help stuck on FJoe14
Nagra 3 update...pretty bleak, hey I`m just the messengeriduknow8
Fortec Star Mercury IINalin Nyda2
Stuck on "F" - A working solutionsatelite_hora15
205 puff is out and it works with no probnick adan1
HelpNalin Nyda7
Pansat 9200hd is Freezing.....Achsah1
N3, Nfusin & GCjohn johnson1
Cw 600pMR GVP2
Pansat 250 lastest binDave Black8
Viewsat xtream locked upPlymouth5
Captiveworks 600S Bin Kellergirl7
How to record?Ali14
My Laptop Shut Down After Using Channel MasterMakaveli1
New 204 bin pansat 2700a still freezingcanon labtec6
STOP FREEZIN!canon labtec8
I need helpPlymouth2
I just put new buff file its black my pansat 2700nike usa3
Correct way loading PUFF 204 hereMakaveli12
Nalin or Plymouth, Help with Jtagzulu7
How far , coaxial cableAbby5
Can i get better picture?canon labtec3
NEED nfusion info, plzz respondsada11
UKR Flash FIx for PUFF 204Jogi Mago11
Pansat2500 converted to pansat2700 and PUFF microsoft3
Puff 204 is out...No freezing at allPlymouth26
Pansat Junk!!!!Esvaldo Chevez10
Any problem with Laoding New PUFF - Here is helpJogi Mago1
After follow Nalin still getting F on PUFFJogi Mago7
Puff problem / Followed instructionsJogi Mago6
308 still freezes?ZO_DEE3
Pansat 2700a UPnick adan4
Pansat 250 freezingKaty Erwin5
I read this can somebody tell us what it means it might be helpfull?MKM3
Any news about cw600s new files?dude4
Channel 455 down on dish ????Kev1
Help for 3500cartman1
Can't find bin for 2500 to 2700 /FLU Conv. Nalin helpzeez2
Which BIN - 2700A, Clones, Conversions, FLU?Nalin Nyda15
No Local Channelsmith1
Necesito Informacionlatossote Molesto Gr1
Tronics tool didn't workNalin Nyda3
Where to get bin for Puff which are less freezingNalin Nyda6
Puff 204 not workingNalin Nyda2
Need help with Puff file 204 PLZNalin Nyda2
Need help with Puff file 204 PLZNalin Nyda4
PUFF_204. Full kit, files and instructions.Nalin Nyda2
Pansat up ZO_DEE2
Sun & ktv on 148? Viswaa Dure3
Auto Rolling on Viewsat UltraXtra West4
WOW cs files are outdirk diggler1
Files are slow tonightAbby2
NalinTam wad8
Who will be outsada2
CloneSafe-B75-V202-TiVo-femu works very wellNW10
UFCjoe bevis1
Viewsat in SingaporeWartHog7
Need info on this, found on europeen site-- N3WartHog5
Star+ and Star1 Not Viewable..WartHog5
Cw600p...Pls help. I loaded the wrong fileWartHog22
No American ChannelsWartHog12
Puff 203(V2) FreezingMakaveli17
Older filesDavid Hunter4
Pansat 250 sd freezingDISH1
Help with new setupThe Coders34
Freezing againeh10124
Any Old Bin Working For Puff.Bobby Joe1
Missing channelChumley6
3500 going downray sandberg4
Missing Channelsreach honey1
Vs ultra missing chanalsNalin Nyda26
Does FTA work with on a DTV antenna & LNB ?Nalin Nyda14
Best Satellite TV for PC reviewsXtra West3
Nfusion nova internetAamir9
CloneSafe-B75-V202-TiVo-femu bla2
Scrambled channelsPlymouth2
Release WebsitesLeo30
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