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Guys! do you know how connect nfusion nova to my wireless internet?Wireless modem is in basement and my nfusion nova in bedroom/ do i need specjal wireless reciever?

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Steve: Wireless will probably work - sada will probably post a reply. However, I strongly recommend you buy a router and run a cable from the router to the bedroom.

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Use a wireless bridge.

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You need 2 Netgear Wireless powerline network adapters. One will be connected to Receivers and the other one to the Router.

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u still need router,
and a powerline adapter
i heard netgear doesn't have a good speed i might be wrong,
u can buy anypowerline adapter that has 85 MBPS and higher,
u will have much higher connection with less problem,
i use zyxel , never gave me any problem

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if it is Netgear Wireless powerline doesn't it mean it is using Power wires as Network cable.

Can't you get a Wireless Adapter like Laptop that has a Ethernet connection on other end so that it can connect to Nova Box Just Like I have seen Wireless Adapter that have USB connector on one end for Laptops that can talk to Wireless Router.

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Some thing like this ..... 093815&catid=21120

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no aamir that won't work, because nfusion is not built with usb adapter wher u can plug in the usb,
it only works with powerline adapter or wired connection from ur router to nova,

actually i like powerline adapter u can use them for multiple purpose,
lets say u have desktop computer at upstairs in bedroom and u don't want wires, u can just take the adapter , plug one downstairs with router, 2nd one just plug in to ur desktop computer and u have high speed internet ,
u can also use it with ur laptop if u wanna increase the speed..
i mean wireless normally have about 35 mbps, if u plug in adapter its about 85 mbps,
so if u are looking to buy powerline adapter u won't find it in bestbuy or future shop, i tried with no luck ,
u can get it at any sat shop ..

yeh one more thing power line adapter use network cable not the usb..

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Thanks sada. I already have the Wireless Router setup and a Desktop and a laptop. Desktop is connected with Wire and Laptop has PMCIA Wireless card. It would have been cheaper for me to get some Wireless Adapter thing that has an Ethernet output on the other side but no such thing exist I guess.

have to look at these powerline adapters. Seems quite simple. I don't have Nova yet but thinking of getting one.
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