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Blind scanRTAP10
One lousy channelBetterOffRed4
To all the SamhainophobiansDr DSS1
Can i use starchoice antenna for DN or bev? thanksDr DSS8
NEW KEYS GLOBECASTjohn johnson413
Globecast 0000 john johnson2
NEED HELP for BEV))))))))))))=========...hamed1
Kings clockDr DSS6
Cam or keys pas7,10_CAmir1
All in one adapter module Viewsat HD 9000 8pskLK3
List of Recommended Reputable sites..LK35
No signal from H TpsAlexander Ramos1
Time AdjustmentGrim4
Missing channels 489 497mikeymo7
Suggestions pleaseLK3
My Bin 201 David Hunter1
Just DL from dss*tstrLK2
Just DL from dss*tstrpaul n2
JTAG help for Fortec StarDoreen6
Combining dishpro plus and KU band lnbssam11
Help scanning a TPdantetn2
How to add a satellitelionking1
Help Please Issues with epgHus1
Thanks LKRTAP4
Help with Dish 500 and Pansat 3500 SDsri1
The 293T BIN still working for P*nsat clone 2500 ?Nalin Nyda10
How to determine a clone viewsat to a original viewsatRTAP1
Baseball topic hereJJJ229
Is it possible to hack tiv* boxes?Dr DSS2
Looking for a commdeck dish mount "roof mount" for my dishDr DSS3
Sonicview4000 questionlroy tipit1
Scanning anik F3 [118.75] john smith21
FINALLY!john smith37
Need help with setting up new dishadel nokia4
FLU to Pansat 2700 Please HELP!AV16
Jvvh_218_pT.bin.. HelpAV3
VS 2000 Ultra - Bootloader says 0.0Epirate1
Great site to visitAV9
Where can I pickUp a TriPod from Aamir8
Pansat 3000 cloneRTAP2
FLU to Pansat 2700...I m a new user, pls help me downloading file i...AV7
Question about HDMI connector in FTA box..Please Help!!!dantetn2
Magnum v158 Releasedzork_9911
Viewsat Extreme Missing 0106Mike Kohl1
Viewsat Extreme Missing 0106Mike Kohl1
FLU to Pansat 2700...any new bin out yet for clone Pansat 2700AV3
Converted 2700 ProblemAV4
Installation of Dish in my new placeYash Matharu1
SonicView SV-4000Homerun CC1
FTA-KD questions........wile coyote13
No transponderscsbrew8
?? CONVERSION ??bruce6
Viewsat cloneskarkour kaka2
Viewsat VS Pro - Missing ChannelsBujju Singh1
Telstar 5, not working with jvvh 218.. GC?Arni4
NFL Week 8Dr DSS6
Need help inputting keys on converted 2500 to 2700BetterOffRed4
Problem scanning nimiq1.3 on converted pansatkhurramkhan3
Pantec V1Rocky1
Vortex pro7700josegpealvarez3
Pansat 2700 Clone Scanning,, Please Help!!AK AK1
Converted 2500 cloneNalin Nyda8
Scan 2700 convertedAK AK6
Reciver connection problem...t231
Jvvh_218_pT_GC_(No_BG)You can't really dus8
South Indian channels in 121cool goose1
C00L SAT 6000 got slow after installing new binLK3
Pansat 2500Nalin Nyda12
Missing channels please helpChip la russa1
Coolsatt bin????M Parekh6
My problem!!Doreen13
Need help with CS 5000LK2
Sats on converted 2700AK AK14
Scanning for Satellitespaul n11
Vs platinum locking up when deleting channelsAlbino Midget2
When I do a Blind scan on Echo 7/Ku I only get 20 DFreqpaul n1
LK - Buying a new satBetterOffRed6
Any cooltec file?sada3
Scanning sateliteKavin Reno2
LK / AV /Nalin /Satgrl/Anyone.. Pls Help!!!AV59
Indian Channel for viewsatAV5
ExtremeView FIXdantetn5
Direct Tv with 3 LBNTee7
Jvvh_218_pT VS. jvvh_ 218_pT_GC_( No_BG )Sccrskills9
Any New/Updated Info on DTV Testing?LK6
Question on the latest 218 bin. AV5
Resetting Pansat 3500sAV2
Jvvh Bin 218 ReleasedNalin Nyda68
C@llsat 8100 ???Electro9991
DIscovery healthKavin Reno3
How to revive/or convert viewsats AND convert clones to ORINGINALsatscanner4
FTA for DUMMIESKing Arthur1
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