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Magnum TR v153 ReleasedLK3
Viewsat Pro PVRPegg Mcintosh1
Its football time in Tennessee!!!Bill Vickers22
Help in BEV for south asian channelsSHEHZAD KAMAL2
Stb loader for the buzz fta reciverLK3
Can no longer get program guide?Keith Bussey1
Captive Works and keys?mark kirkland21
Viewsat Ultra Channel renumbererSim kang2
Bin loader?LK7
Key morph is +8.?On 1st digit.david45
**Official NBA Thread***Annas Khan1
Is this a Genuine Pansat 2500a clone bin?Julie White3
Need help setting up my fortec with sw21RKS2
Gobecast Keys Updatedamra18
Viewsat xremecreek3
Pansat 2500 clone and USBdavidvandeisel2
Need a techincian to install a LNBcool goose1
DIsh 625 parental lockoutHenry Frenks1
Ultra never flinched....Hawaiian_time4
Atmega128 Albino Midget2
Positioner settings?Kavin Reno2
SundanceKavin Reno2
I got a questionJeancarlos9
Help problem with 2 receivers have to switch 1 off to view otherObnoxious Loudmouth10
Setanta sports still need helpLK6
KeysNalin Nyda4
Ariza 700LK4
Satellite ProblemLaura Dawson22
Missing some BEV channelsBurnaby Henry3
NIGHTRIDER ON PANSAT 2007AAdilson ROdrigues10
Viewsat 9000 HDkate6
Pansat 2700A scanning issue!AMT11
No ECHO 8.6Gastrognome5
LA guys!!! Can some one move my Dish for me? kate10
Cool Sat 8100HD PVR Micro kate1
Question for experts.LK8
NEW BIN!~~ for pansat 2500ALK10
ANY Word on Ariza 700 ?asp lover2
2 receivers problemGT Lee7
LK ? for you LK13
Viewsat extreme parental lock codedantetn8
August 8th New Keys Updated at 6:60PM PSTkarkour kaka5
Atn is missing Iftaquar Ahmed4
August 8th New Keys Updated at 6:60PM PSTSatScanner3
Cs 8000hdHerbert Finkel1
Question About New Receiver, please help!abde kabar3
Is Pansat 3500s/sd dead?Obnoxious Loudmouth10
Info needed plz wes6
Where are my PPV's?dantetn24
therepo can u make GC work again or find out how to make it work beatz1
New Keys relased at 1:48 PM Pacific Time.SabkuchPakistani1
New AUTOROLL bins releasedFaroque1
August 8th New Keys SabkuchPakistani1
New bin jvvh2_205_1M convert 2500 to 2700Nalin Nyda14
Pansat bin 294eatfish6
How to convert from Normal receiver to Card reader receiverLK2
Hey, JuanJuan Ramirezone2
Jtag ??SatScanner2
DP Plus LNBs and FTAErnesto3
Come on....when is GLOBECAST gonna work again???fast beatz1
Installation selection is disabled from Main Menu - Ariza 700Albeda Siddique1
Need some advice pleaseDish_newbie1
Viewsat new keysJohn C1
ResponddddddddddddddddddddddMr. Bill41
New ChannelsV4
Globecast receiver, non-Globecast dish?Kavin Reno2
AMC 4 at 101.0WKavin Reno2
Captive Worksedenman13
New Keys & AUTOROLL filesBill Vickers4
Any globecast newsfast beatz2
Neusat SP-6000LK2
Need The Viewsat Extreme 2000 UploaderLK3
Viewsat extreme parental lock codeLK2
Help Old BinLK5
LK read pleaseLK2
Can Someone help Plz wes5
Captiveworks CW 100-R Reviewzulu1
Tired of entering Keys? The Ultimate Solution is here!!!!!!cartier112
Same channel on all satangelika12
Pansat 2800A not loading latest BL Auto Roll FixAlex N. Rodriguez4
Have nit realy keys for GlobeCastBrian3
Newest Pansat Pansat 2007a Bin Filehd figueroa7
Latest KeysSabkuchPakistani1
What is a good suggested upgrade from Pansat 2500ALK3
Season Ticket ChannelsJack White3
Latest keys?Jib5
Ariza700 Autoroll fixdantetn2
Thanks To ALL ! ! usama ahmed2
Eagle StarLK12
No news on globecast yet?fast beatz1
Need Help For Ariza 700!!!!!!!!Burnaby Henry5
Need New keys Please!LK4
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