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4 ohm v's 8 ohmmichael pedavoli1
Need help connectingTommy1
7.1 help pleaseFrank Abela2
These speakers...Jan Vigne15
A bit Expensive???Andre Money15
Need help with my live audio--2 speaker cabinets--which amp??Jan Vigne2
Bose speaker grille repairFrank Rizzo5
Affordable means with active monitors. The Behringer TRUTH B2031A Andy Summers1
Optimus/Linaeum towers+++ on eBay...if you act fast.Christopher Molloy4
Ground Control to Major TomStu Pitt31
Matching Klipsch 3 series for home theatrePeter Galbraith10
How to improve your soundstage/imagingJan Vigne9
B&W CM7Mike Lambdin3
Akai SR-LA301Joseph Coulson8
Hey, which speakers, athena or JBLjoseph coulson11
SPL increase in waveguidePeter Galbraith2
Monitor Audio Speakers- Any owners?Christopher M.3
JBL Northridge E20 to a 4-ohm ampNuck5
Canada versus EnglandBrad Mitchell13
Bookshelf speaker recommendations for ROTELeugene wasserman23
Tin coated copper speaker wireJAW22
Angstrom speakershoanghai nguyen2
Subwoofer Recommendation AppreciatedArt3
Need Advice - PSB, Totem with Harmon Kardon AVRkempenfeltkelly1
Bose 501 IVsandra4
Needing more speakers....Andre Money43
Starter speakers, but more complicated...Nuck6
Bi-amping vs. new wire: my experienceJan Vigne2
SpeakersTrevor James8
KEF3005 Vs. Polk set-upBerny5
Magnepan 3.6 and Pass Labs pre/ampadrian obrejan4
Help! Paging for Frank AbelaFrank Abela2
Cabasse Speakers thoughts Shapira Lior1
Got a great deal!!Nuck14
World class sound for cheap ;)Nuck16
CluelessR Baranski5
B&W 801 SERIES 80 TWEETER REPLACEMENT Randall Turbyfill1
Stands for Ling'sTimn8ter17
Paradigm Speakers any thoughtsArt13
Help for new FloorStandersChristopher M.14
Gershman Acoustic Cameleon speakersTawaun A.Williams2
Mid range speakers as subsRikki Keene7
Need Some HelpSteinkeastg53
Reference Quality Music Threadarnold125
New SpeakersScott1
New Polk R150 @ Fry's/ for $39.99/PairSrinivas22
Ohm Walsh & Micro Walsh: Who's heard them?Tawaun A.Williams11
Focus 140's break-inReinder Elema8
Martin Logan VantageJonathan7
Martin LoganJonathan4
H/K avr 245kyle robinson2
Bose 501 Series IIIsue10
Any one tries Newton Series M80 Bookshelf?Timn8ter13
NHT SB1 $150?gavin cumm2
Upgrading to B&W 602 from Wharfedale 8.2gavin cumm8
Suggestions for upgrading bookshelf speakersgavin cumm2
The Best Sounding Speakers Ever MADE ?gavin cumm36
Upgrade from Boston Acoustics A60 series II?Nuck5
Ascend vs Axiom vs AperionJorge Ribeiro28
Tips for selecting speakers...eugene wasserman12
Parts express project?kyle robinson3
Dynaudio Focus 220Ravinder Bains12
Please help me choosemarcus1
Advice on selecting bookshelf speakersWilliam Holmes5
Boston Acoustics CR77 for $109 /Pair (Factory Renewed)Christopher M.1
Looking for speakers matching NAD3130 Marc3
Best of both world speakers?arnold10
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!arnold5
Floorstander for C352/C542 comboarnold23
Speakers for someone with sensative ears?budget minded43
I need speaker sys.rick ross5
MIT Speaker WiresDuong Daniel18
Need help for in-wall speakers for 18x18 great roomRaimund1
Revel F12 v. Monitor Audio RS6Nuck4
What do you expect?Timn8ter43
Strange noise come from front right speakerTimn8ter2
Car crossover for home useDavid Bilic10
Dali Ikon 7Geoff4
Velodyne subs.Leo7
The Audio Critic: The Ten Biggest Lies In Audiorick ross62
In ceiling speakers?Nathan Pinson1
Speaker - computer helpJan Vigne4
ESS SpeakersNuck6
ESS SpeakersRon Eshman1
JBL E-100 vs Infinity Beta 50kyle robinson5
3-way speaker systemsGreg Seaman3
ESS SpeakersRon Eshman1
Dynaudio acoustic studio monitorsrick ross8
8" ceiling speakersRobert1
Ehh . . . help?Jan Vigne13
Anyone know anything about KEF's IQ line of tower speakers?Scott W4
Need help NuckNuck4
Need info for VisatonDavid Bilic5
Does it worth for Wharfedale evo?Nuck2
NAD C162/C272 Speaker match?Nuck32
Wharfedale diamond 9.1Tawaun A.Williams87
Rega speakers WHERE??????Art13
JBL L890 4 Way Dual 8" Floor Standing Speakerkyle robinson5
Athena vs polkTawaun A.Williams17
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