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Hooking a Switch to my amp???Neonsound3
Can i connect 2 amp grounds to 1 screwdennis6
When i turned my radio ondennis1
New alternator??koz10
Need help with car ampkoz3
Ppi amps?edster9224
Which one would be better?mike9
Help im a newb!!marshall white7
What the hell is this problem, someone please helpAnonymous4
Thump between tracks. Help!marshall white5
Lights are dimming but don't know what i need, help pleaseJonathan13
Need some help with making my new systemRussell Klem6
How To plug AMPJayJ10
Amp upgradeMatt Krupp2
Jl 1000/1Matt Krupp3
Alpine Amp HELP!!!!BLADE25
Amp and sub upgrade help?Neonsound1
I hear a thumpdennis3
Amp tuningJonathan3
Whats the best amp for a Brahma 10"???Jonathan8
Amp from a factory deckdouglas haveman3
What's the dealio with MA AudioJonathan15
Tube amp zbruski2
What should i do to my 04 canyon crew cabbob smith1
YAY! traded my mono for a 2 channel amp, how do I wire my 2 dvc's a...Pat Lorenz2
2 Alpine Type-R 10" 2 ohmandrew grigorian7
NO Rca out puts to stock cd playerPat Lorenz2
Getting the most out my amp..thx for helpdavids20042
Amp for these subs.davids20045
What amp should i use????davids20045
Need help: mono amp and two DVC subsdavids20043
JL Audio 13W7 vs Image Dynamics ID MAX v3 vs RE MT12"Jonathan16
class T ampits_bacon122
Having Trouble with my Subs And Amp.koz5
What are the advantages of a Mono amp over 2 channel?Jonathan5
HelpRyan F8
What amp to get.......corey polinsky3
MTX vs. Hifonics vs. Kickerdavids20045
4 amps, which one?davids20043
Got my car 2day and..Pat Lorenz7
Poping fuses (cross polarity)Jonathan7
What amp to buyDavid Washington2
Amp help!!Andy4
American Legacy Amp OPEN CIRCUIT????Dave From U.K.1
Running 3 speakers of two channel amp????Jonathan6
Phoenix Gold Octane R 8.0:1 Your Help GlassWolf PleaseStugots3
4ch amp hook up helppaul ventura2
Rem cont fails to switch amp...Steven Radcliffe2
Amp trouble. bass flows for 5min then stop please helpwilliam Spence3
Or what about this one glasskoz1
Glass!! narrowed amp selection down, your input please.koz1
Car amp trouble, help!tom pike3
Amp for Kappa Perfectsbobwolf2
One More time....A/B vs. D Pros/ConsJonathan35
Diamond Audio AmplifiersRobert Wallace3
How would i attach an amplifier to my stock deck?Anonymous3
Would this work?mike9
10w7 or 12w6v2 (JL 500/1 amp for either)Joseph3
Crunch AmplifiersJoseph19
Whats wrongChris Griffith10
Xtant customer servicePat Lorenz2
How to tell if Car amp is fried?coke chili2
Help finding an ampmike9
2 12w7's and 2 10w3's David B3
Glasswolf, need amplifier advice!Robert Wallace7
4 speakers 2 channel ampdennis4
System InterferanceAndy Howells9
What Amps for this setup. Please HelpJoseph5
Amplifier Suggestionseric werner5
What does a capacitor do?GlassWolf4
How can I power this?David Washington3
GlassWolf I really need you help, I don't even now where to start!!...GlassWolf27
Looking for a good ampTony Shelton3
Good 4 channel amplifier?davids20042
Funny stereo placecoke chili1
Anyone help?mike6
PPI pc2600 enough to power 2 JL 10w6v2's?mike kokolakis1
Help with new systemmarko devcic4
Amp to run 2 12" adire shivasJayJ5
Need help, don't know much about this TAH1
Subsonic Filter....18db vs. 24db......joao ferreira12
Bass remotedavids20043
SMOKE!!!joao ferreira9
Amp help (glass, johnathan, anyone smart=) John7
Need help with amp selection!!rx7kid4
Easy-to-understand electronics bookDan Shanefield1
Power acoustik???kyle rensmeyer3
Newbie, not sure what i needdavids20049
Need amp fo 2 stroker 15s d4, how are clif designs?CarAudioFNG2
Amp for two Pioneer TS-W250R'sdavids200411
Amp seems to make head unit run hotFrank Mallette5
Amplifier Problems...Please Helpjoao ferreira12
Amp for (1) 10" L7????dsugg982
Help me chose a better amp, zapco vs JLsabin kith4
Wut typefreddy g3
JL 12w7'sGlassWolf7
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