Running 3 speakers of two channel amp????


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Hi, I have a GTO-2000 amp (stereo/mono 220rms bridged and stability with 2ohs and 4 ohms) which is currently running a single sub in bridged mode(JBL-GT4 1000W - 250rms 4ohms)...I really want to run two 6x9's from this amp alongside the sub which doesnt need to stay bridged, is this possible??

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Check if it's three way capable. It'll state that it's either 3 way capable or something along the lines of being capable of running a stereo and bridged load simultaneously.

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Hi Jonathan! Thanks for your reply, here's what the box says (the last feature is tri-mode, is that what i want and if so what 6x9 speakers would i need 2/4 ohm? and will my current sub be ok 4ohms 250rms? Thanks!!!

• Stereo or Mono operation for flexible system design and subwoofer applications

• Top Led Vu Meter, for indication of the music level independently on left and right channel

• Stability with 2-Ohm speaker loads in order to effortlessly drive multiple speakers from each channel

• Bridging of each stereo channel pair to form a high-power mono channel

• High-Pass, Low-Pass or Bypass 2nd Order Electronic Crossover for precise frequency division

• Continuous variable (30Hz - 320Hz) 12dB/oct. active crossover, for adjusting the amplifier to specific configuration

• Variable input sensitivity (250mV - 4V), for compatibility with all head units

• Effective protection circuitry against short circuit, overheating and over-current

• High-quality power, input and output connectors for clean, tight, long-lasting connections

• BassBoost function, additional bass power for individual preferences

• Unique extruded pure aluminum heat sink, provide a highly efficient heat dissipation

• Trimode operation of each channel pair for use with a mono center channel or subwoofer


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Don't get two 6x9s, get two 6.5". The ovals don't produce as tight a sound as the 6.5"s will. I would suggest infinity kappa perfect 6.1s, great the for the price. And yes you can run 1 sub and two components off of that amp.

But that amp is only 220 rms, not very much at all. I would only run my components off of that and then get a whole new amp for the sub. You could get a $75-100 amp that would work for the sub.

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Ok thanks for all your advice John! Will do just that

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I wouldn't recommend running tri mode on that amp, it'll increase distortion, give the amp less headroom, and make the amp run hotter. Like John said, oval speakers aren't good for sound quality because of cone flex, uneven stress points, and resonances, midbasses are the way to go with rear fill. Not overbearing, you don't really want a tweeter in the back. 5.25" or 6.5" midbasses from companies like Image Dynamics are great for rear fill. Personally, I'd skip rear speakers altogether, you really don't need them, they can pull the soundstage to the rear if not done properly with a bandpass crossover, and you're better off spending that money on a subwoofer and amp for it. That sub only takes 250W RMS, so I'd stick with the amp you have, maybe eventually put it on front component speakers if you plan to upgrade to a larger, more powerful sub in the long run. For now, I'd just leave it like it is and focus on front component speakers, and an amp for those.
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