Having Trouble with my Subs And Amp.


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Im having troubles getting my system at top level where it should be. I have heard it at its best and it hits hard as hell.. But I took it out of my car for Awhile. I decided to put it back in. It just dont sound right and not even close to its peak. What am i doing wrong? I dont know what it could be. Heres what i got.

Sony Xplod CDX-M630
Its a nice deck its got DSO, 52w X 4 High Power Amp.

Im Using Scorpion Wire Kit.

JL Audio 12W0 in a Competition Bandpass Box

Pyramid Crystal PB-480 500w. 2-channel Mosfet.

Yea the sub is alittle old, but its Mint. When it was in my car before you better give me a block to a block and a hafe. Im not getting close to that now. What might be the problem?

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There are a whole world of things that could be causing problems with your setup. I'd start at the basics.

You say the system was removed for a while. By that, do you mean everything or just amp and sub?

Have a look at menu settings on your head unit, If you're anything like me, you'll forget about all the little tweeks you made when the sub was out!

Double check the settings on the amp.

The volume of the amp can be quite badly affected by a restricting it's juice. Check there's no damage to your power cable i.e. crushing or chaffing or anything where the strands could have been damaged.

Have you got a mate who could lend you a sub to drop in and see if it makes a difference. That would possibly rule out your sub having a few issues.

Sorry if I've insulted your intelligence at all, as I'm sure you've thought of this already!

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Yeah, again you probably have something out of wack. Like, in the HU or the gain got switched around. It could be as simple as the box not in the same spot, thats only if it was moved.

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How do you have the sub hooked up. Im sure its svc sub. If its 4 ohm do you have it bridged?

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did you put it back in the same car? As that can effect the way they sound, maybe you just need a different type box. Other than that I'd just recheck all the wiring, and start checking the h/u and retweeking it.
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