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Need a sanity check for amp installationBrian Greer1
Changed alternator now amp shuts off please helpEligh3
Sony XM 444 amp bridgeable?DEMIGOD332
Maxing out my amp DEMIGOD335
Good Amp for Adire Brahmas?Rob8
Someone help me, changed alternator now amp shuts offEligh1
Anonymous why dont you registerdavids20044
Fosgate vs. hifonicsJonathan6
Amp for 2 12" L7s???? (glass)davids20042
Wiring againnn,,,zbruski3
Amp questiondavids20046
New to this - some questionsJonathan4
Question on adjusting gainunhappy5
Is it possible to have an alternator thats too big ?GlassWolf2
Is there a chat room for car audio?GlassWolf2
Question on gain realization GlassWolf2
Amp suggestionsGlassWolf2
Glasswolf this is my problem with alternator GlassWolf4
What amp to power these....Scotty5
Will these matchRoger Mead1
Which amp?Jonathan3
------------Kicker Connection----------------------Jonathan7
Melt DownWahl6
Hooking up mono amp to two dvc 4 ohms subsReed1
Info on amp web pageschris haggart1
Profile AmpsJonathan4
Can anybody help mechris haggart2
Help me decide on which amp should I buyAmbuj1
MTX THUNDER 1501D AMP FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!adam wright5
Gain too high?Kyle1231236
(2) 4 ohm subs will run at how many ohms on amp ???jim4
Glasswolf I solved my alternator problem....GlassWolf2
Amp Questionbrian walker4
Is this the correct layout?Donald R2
How to hook up multiple amps?chris haggart3
Can someone fcuking help me Please!Reed your a dork8
MX setting on alpine cd player ?GermanGuy2
Thin rca cablesGlassWolf2
Sony amp problemsMichael Wasyliw10
T10001BD RF ampPhyscoticS1
Amplifier question important plz helpjohn alex lathem4
I need help selcting an amp!!!! Please everyone read!!!!Doug1
BS amp & type R's??brian walker1
What is the perfect set up for 4 15inch subsGlassWolf2
Precision PowerGlassWolf2
HOW TO CHARGE A CapMatt Lavallee5
JBL1200.1 VS Crossfire BMF1000d VS Hifonics BX1000dJayJ2
My Factory system has an amp. can I tap into it?THE fun One4
Type R's 4 ohm or 2 ohm DVC? Glass plz look @GlassWolf3
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!Doug4
??? power problems ???GlassWolf3
Please help me!!!00shawsim5
Two 10" Rockford HX2 Punch subs and RF 1001BD amp a good combo? Hel...Patrick Lorenz3
Need help!!!!!!!!!!!1JayJ2
Boss anyone?Wahl2
Noob Question #46 (Clipping)GlassWolf6
How do u hook up speakers!,amps!, an subs'!!!????? make it very sim...JayJ5
Speaker noise? from amp.richard j davy3
Legacy amps any good ???DEMIGOD3310
AudioBahn 34" Sub...DEMIGOD3318
Amp ProblemJmmcool8
Amp Selection. Please everyone Help!!!!!Doug1
Amp for the BA pro series 6.5"dsak1
New to car audioGlassWolf3
How the F@## do i wire thisGlassWolf2
What size ampJonathan3
Mono and Multi Channel AmpsThe Beckman3
Opinion on this Amp...Wahl5
Glasswolf i need some opinions.smokeit9
JBL GTO1201.1 1200W Mono or MTX 1501D amp?davids20043
Rockford Fosgate or Kicker 4-channel ampPatrick Lorenz7
Kicker or MTX?Patrick Lorenz5
JL AUDIO 500/1 vs. KICKER KX600.1daniel stanislawski12
Pyrimid ampsGlassWolf6
Help choosing an amp...and other stuffunprofessional6
Running to seperate mono ampsPatrick Lorenz6
Amp/Sub compatiblilty questionJayJ3
No ClueJayJ3
Could someone explain band width and frequency?JayJ4
Clarion ProAudio AmpsJayJ3
Mono vs. Multi??JayJ4
Which 2000 watt amp shoud I get?GlassWolf8 for Hifonics amp help GlassWolf??GlassWolf5
I tried bridging it and my amp cuts out GlassWolf3
Would you take the offer glasswolf?GlassWolf2
I need websitesGlassWolf5
Home speakers on Car AmplifierGlassWolf4
Jay Amaro Gone?FrOdO2
Some Help plz...Jacob Ashley Neal8
Hifonics.... whats the low downmarshall white5
Bypassing Auto Turn On for the Amp?GlassWolf2
Need Help Getting SystemGlassWolf2
Class A or Dmike saprano3
Right amp and wiring for subwoofers.Bobby Cullum1
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