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Do I need Capacitor?Torn Saechao13
Following the previous thread of mine,Isaac2
WHAT KIND.....kamikaze6
Which is better?kamikaze1
Lincoln LSKyle Longbrake2
Amp adviseM.S.4
Kicker 550.2Optidriven3
Amp rackTorn Saechao2
Need Helpjohn johnson2
Is this enough power?Abarca6
Kicker ZX700.5cam2
Zapco c2k spec discrepenciesMarc3
What are the brands that have the most efficient AMPS???shak51
Need amp to power componentM.S.6
Spec for strapped kx1200.1??MJ23dynasty12
Need to Find a Shop to Upgrade Electrical ???Naledge50314
Mtxchris stiles12
JL W6chris stiles19
Fried zx750.1SomeDonnieDude5
Suggestions or is this Awesome already???cam12
Looking for Amp for 2 - 13Kv.2 Elemental Designscam2
How do i tune a box to 31hzOptidriven2
Looking for Amp for 2 - 13Kv.2 Elemental DesignsJuan1
JuliobJoe Spose20
Need amp for two type r 12s cam13
250A AltYanks Fan3
Amp to go with p3's?justin loew21
Mtx 9500juliob5
4 channel ampcorey hurtig3
Kx1200.1corey hurtig12
Need an amp for 3 cerwin vega 104 subs?juliob2
Amp 420cam5
2 Power wires one amp?cam11
Inline Fuse QuestionSinful Systems Inc.18
FOR sale BEtter Audio 1600m1/\/\ike10
I Dont Get thisSinful Systems Inc.27
WHAT SIZE AMPSinful Systems Inc.3
EpeicenterSinful Systems Inc.5
Need Specs on Subs ????Sinful Systems Inc.3
Amp to power a 15" fi bl?cam6
500 - 800 rms amp for $200 or underMark Fantini25
VFL 100.1Rob6
Dual 12 inch L5 kickersJoey DeSalvo6
Kicker 8inch, what amp?Joe Spose4
Looking for a reasonably priced a/b ampGovmint Cheese6
Running 8ohm speakers on car ampfadhel samak8
Need help or a advise pleaseJoe Spose16
What amp should i use??Joe Spose2
Wiring question plz help!!!SomeDonnieDude2
Need help choosing amp!SomeDonnieDude10
Kicker 2500 Kx vs. ZxChauncey Brown4
Please could someone help a newbieGlassWolf5
Amp to go with Stroker Pros Joey DeSalvo12
6 speaker + subwoofer marine installation?D-money2
HELP PLEASEjoe feml3
Help with buying an ampJose Miguel Garcia L12
Great amp to power tcsounds OEM TC10?? andy d10
Is Infinity Reference Series Amps any GOOD ????IcePick3
Amp wire questionSomeDonnieDude7
Is my zx750 shot???SomeDonnieDude10
Need amp for kappa perfect 12 DVQM.S.3
"real" specs on fosgate 100HDjuliob2
New guy questionsjuliob7
What High Quality amp to get?juliob21
I need an amp that can do about 500-700 rmsjuliob23
Need amp $$$juliob8
Solar Barics 12 L5 For Sale make me a offer ????& two 15 CVRS Robert Young1
System build on a power budgetJK32SHO24
Stock RCA conversion?Rob9
Clif Designs & HifonicsM.S.15
Need info about amp for solo barricchris stiles13
Audiobahn amps...chris stiles8
Amp keeps blowing fusesMarc6
Cheapest best amp?chris stiles10
Alt problem?Rob8
Suggestions for powering 2 07cvr15'sjuliob8
Lanzar amps how would you rate them ?M.S.9
What do you think about MTX THUNDER ELITE 601D ???juliob13
Best amp considering moneyjuliob22
Is this a good amp? +subjuliob4
Amp recommendations for a JBL W15GTIne0nblakk2
Engine Whine?zack7
Sub and Amp combination problemMarc10
Need help choosing amp!Jeremy2
Amplifier issuesM.S.14
Class d killin radio receptionGlassWolf9
I need xtant x1001 badge for amp shroud. Will Pay $$$$Jason Dietz1
Has Anyone Ever Bought From...Sinful Systems Inc.4
Looking for some knowledgedeandre9
Whats a good amp to get?Abarca5
Audiobahn ALUM12N with xplode1200 watt 2/1 amp?Optidriven9
Are Hifonics Amp's Any Good?M.S.15
Need help with xtant amps!Jason Dietz7
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