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Does this sound right to you Joey DeSalvo6
I picked up this stuff at homedepot today..everyone lookPaul Larrea8
This is the box im buildingBlaze358
OT: easy change ohm loadsDr. Destroyer6
Making a sub cutout..Blaze357
Todays Project... How did I do?Blaze3535
Is this a good amp to useDr. Destroyer2
Please everyone read thisMat Dope *****4
New deckjones palmer3
How to wire quad voice coil? KiLLa6
10w7 vs. 10 inch l7James Longo17
Memphis car audioALLAH6
Autotek MM1000.1DALLAH8
ARE 10 inch solobaric L7's good off an A8000T audiobhaun amp?ReArrangeYaMind2
OT: one thing i hate ReArrangeYaMind13
Hello wal mart!!Wolfman4
140+ dbjesse16
I GOT $600 in my pocket..and im off work tommorowPaul Larrea16
O.T.Yeah Right2
I narrowed down my choicesAndre Money16
Sub Opinions neededYeah Right60
Question about ohmsJames Longo5
System Stories..¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤1
Im upsetSnarl200416
Digital Design New line...BeN3
Roberto Pequeño yo estoy orgulloso de ustedDrivingreckless16
Alpine type r's vs Diamond Audio D612D2 dual 2 ohm subsbballa_kid23
Anyone looking for a x-box and games?Liqdfire31
Fi XBeN3
Building my box nowKiLLa8
Help on how to fuse and such :-)...michael foland13
Chad LeeRob12
Best Looking Sub?Chris Maskell27
Blown SX...Mat Dope *****32
Songs that bumpmichael foland20
Just a few pics of the BLs...Paul Larrea70
Box Questionraymond aparicio4
Ot firwall holeJames Longo5
18" eclipse TI Pro 3000 watts rmsJ B7
For the expirienced spl erzDlavante23
I have a great idea!jeremy16
Unique Whips Custom Fiberglass BoxI- Malik15
Dual voice coil or bridge hookup or wat?I- Malik3
Looking for a sub...tasos5
Voltage drop?jesse15
Its dead tonight.Troy Duffy21
Carpeting anyone?Paul Larrea3
Speaker wire guagelivin'loud3
Look what came today!!!I- Malik20
I have a great idea!Reece Brassler4
L7 10" or 12"? PLZ Help!!!Dwight Smith25
AMERICAN BASS ....Joe Blanford12
My 1st Install; help pls.Pit Bull23
Good Ol' Best BuyM.S.2
Gps navigationrichard5
Circuit City RulesReece Brassler7
1993 Saturn BeN4
Just for splTremor112713
2 cadence A7 , cadence z4000 and a mtx 9515 dual 4 ohmpete32
Kicker L5 06S12L54 12" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Woofer ......$160I- Malik3
ARE 10 inch solobaric L7's good off an A800t audiobhaun amp?M.S.7
New box helpM.S.5
Look what cameM0nkeyman6928
Good newsrichard4
DLS @ EDmikechec95
Dual alt. setup?Mat Dope *****4
GOOD SUBS?derek smith4
Elevation Audio Reece Brassler12
Two SD2.5 15's or one Fi.Q15Eddy DieZe6
Were Can I Put My Sub?Liqdfire318
300 amp circuit breakerMat Dope *****3
New box helpDr. Destroyer1
Guess whatMat Dope *****28
What subs should i get????Dwight Smith8
>$300, <$400 single 15 or 2-12sSGDenny13
So, who thinks people with stock alts arnt ever getting full potent...James Palanza1
How Much?J B9
Where to buy dustcaps?!Renegadesrun8
Best subs for under 700.Reece Brassler15
Fast qAaron Pottinger3
My graduation and friends birthday partyTrevor Eaton39
Kicker S15L7 Car Subwoofer....$120,nokia n95 at $240usdkillerzracing712
Db scores.D.22
Where to find flared ports?ReArrangeYaMind4
Type R or 2 Kicker compsjesse9
Q15-spl?Ben Quirk20
YANKS SUCK!!!!Brad Warren69
Need ported/bandpass enclosed subswhy15
ED Nine.5ReArrangeYaMind4
Best SQL setup? trey goettling4
Anyone tented before?BeN15
He gone hook me up with the wholesale price....james caroll6
>$300Corey Dalton19
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